Keeping track of the moment a photo is taken by the smartphone

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September 5th, 2021, 7:09 pm

Hi All,

Just a question (and maybe a feature request): is it possible to send back to the smartphone when a user fully presses the shutterbutton on the camera and have that logged on the smartphone side?

Why do I ask? Simple: now you can log (on Android) when a user pressed the UI trigger button in the App, and store that in a logfile. But I also want to keep track of all moments I took a photo operating the camera and log that in a logfile. Later on I can easily see on what moments I took a photo. And I don't have to go through all those photo's on the camera side. I just can slide down/up a list of timestamps and see on what moments I took a photo. I don't mean digging into the EXIF info of a photo, but just record the time I did press that button on the camera myself.

Going even further in this thought-process: you could combine the timestamps with thumbnails send my the Unleashed to the smartphone and also record from which source the "press button" came: camera itself, smartphone, accessory or Unleashed itself (running a program).

Why do you want to know this? simple: you can filter on the smartphone which photo's you took yourself, the Unleashed (automated) and which ones you took from a distance either using the smartphone as the remote or an accessory remote. That way you can easily figure out which thumbnails on the smartphone belong to a particular series.

Here is what I mean:
Looking at the snapshot, you can order the thumbnails using different filters, which you cannot do with your camera!
Next to that, you can view the thumbnails on your smartphone while your camera/Unleashed are operational, taking photos while you are viewing a selected group of thumbnails on your smartphone.

By the way: the way the thumbnails are now viewed is not really helpful in terms of scrolling through a bunch of thumbnails. It is helpful to quickly see if the lightning/exposure/etc is set correct, but that's it. It is not really user friendly to go through a bunch of photo's for viewing.

Maybe it is a good idea to implement another screen in the App for going through a bunch of thumbnails and also make it possible to filter them by date/time, source of trigger, location, etc?

EDIT: you could already use the POI button on some of the external GPS devices to trigger the camera to take a photo, thus is the accessory the source of the triggering.

Retired customer of the Unleashed. I have given up on this project, it's a never-ending story of bugs. Goodbye everyone!
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