Smartphone GPX logging with waypoint

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October 11th, 2021, 10:44 am

Hi All,

After having been confronted with photo's not being Geotagged at all due to Unleashed bug, it is time to request this feature:

Request: GPX logging at the side of the smartphone within the App, collecting the GPS data in a single file (until a new route is set up).

Now I wasn't able to geotag the photo's because I had no live data and I don't have stored data. That means that these photo's will have no geotags forever.
Simply because of a bug in the Unleashed ecosystem. Thanks for that! Not really!

Therefore a BACKUP of GPS data in the smartphone as GPX file would have been nice. Then at least I could geotag the photo's afterwards.

Now I have NOTHING!
No route,
No data,
No geotagged photo's

Just the photo's.

*face palm*

Retired customer of the Unleashed. I have given up on this project, it's a never-ending story of bugs. Goodbye everyone!
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