Possible future features for the app?

Here you can post all things you think are missing within in the app – we really appreciate your input.
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August 24th, 2019, 11:12 pm

I've tried Nikon's Snapbridge with my Z7 and it's very lacking.

1. GPS location doesn't upgrade constantly. If you pair it and turn on GPS and check the Location Data menu on your camera, you see that it doesn't update very frequently. Especially you can see that the UTC clock isn't updating constantly

In contrast, when paired with the Unleashed, the seconds in the UTC time tick off constantly, as well as a step or two updating the GPS coordinates.

2. To enable remote trigger, you have to link the Snapbridge app. via Wifi, just to trigger the camera. Once in this mode, any phots you take can't be reviewed in the camera's back screen.

Unleashed of course lets you trigger the camera via bluetooth, which seems pretty solid. Nikon charges $200 for their wireless trigger, which uses the same data port.

So I think Unleashed can offer other features (even with the limitations on all the settings it could control).

For instance, it would be great if we could save configurations of settings, so that a tap in the app. would change a number of settings at once. Let's say that you want a a configuration to change the settings for the lapse, which would involve turning off IBIS, turning on quiet shooting (ECFS), turning off autofocus, setting ISO at a specific fixed value (and thus turn off auto ISO) as well as some specific shutter and aperture.

Then when you want to change the settings back for normal shooting, you have a different configuration which would restore auto-ISO, turn on IBIS, turn on AF, etc.

Of course we'd still have to physically change from Manual to Aperture Priority and maybe turn on/off AF manually.

But the idea is that these configurations would change 4 or 5 other soft settings, all of which you may or may not remember to change back.
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