Nikon extended remote control functionality in the Unleashed App (ML-L3)

Here you can post all things you think are missing within in the app – we really appreciate your input.
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August 5th, 2020, 2:33 am

Hi Foolography team,

I want to request a feature within the Unleashed App (and Unleashed itself):

The Nikon camera can be set to use the Nikon ML-L3 infrared remote control. But this setting gets timer out for using it after 1/5/10/15 minutes of not being in use. This means I have to walk up to the camera each time the setting gets timed out after this time period. That really is a pain in the b*tt. Nikon has not (and probably will not?) change this setting to stay on as long as the user wants it to be on. Mostly because the setting is not only used for the infrared remote control, but also for the WiFi module WU-1A. And because the WiFi module drains the battery quickly, the setting is timed out within 1/5/10/15 minutes (of inactivity).

Sometimes I prefer to use the ML-L3 remote instead of the smartphone (with the Unleashed App) to trigger the camera. Mostly in short range situations like in a room or garden this is much easier. The size is just smaller compared to a full blown smartphone. The only handicap I have with the ML-L3 is that the camera turns it off quite quickly (15 min is quick for me).

1. My feature request is this:
Can the Unleashed App provide a configuration/setting that can be programmed into the Unleashed itself, that when the ML-L3 remote menu option in the camera is activated, the menu setting for the ML-L3 stays on for a longer period then now possible because it is fixed within the firmware of the camera?
Making the Unleashed App not mandatory to use in such a way that the option must be activated/deactivated by the App, but is activated/deactivated from the Unleashed itself when the user activates/deactivates the option within the camera. Thus the Unleashed must somehow be able to detect if the ML-L3 feature is turned on/off.
It would be beneficial if the remote control option for the ML-L3 would be programmable to stay on for 1/5/10/15/30/45/60/120/etc minutes. Not based on what the firmware of the camera allows, but what the firmware of the Unleashed can provide as an extra feature.
Also a checkbox within the settings in the App would be nice if the remote control option must be turned off after the set time period, or after that time period when no activity on the camera happened (i.e. the remote isn't used for 120 minutes).

2. My feature request is this:
Next to that, I would like to request a more varied remote control options for actually triggering the camera from the smartphone (NOT the ML-L3).
The ML-L3 remote control menu gives us these options:
- delayed remote (2sec)
- quick-response remote
- remote mirror-up
- off

I would like to see some more options in the App and Unleashed itself to have alternative ways to set the triggering from the App. Meaning: you can press the shutter button in the App, but the delayed triggering of the camera is handled within the Unleashed itself. Thus having no delays in the App itself, not in transfering the trigger command over the BT connection, but the actual delay timing is done within the Unleashed itself. The App is only used to program the Unleashed with the trigger delay times, but the commands from the smartphone are sent directly (without any delay) over the BT connection.

It would be nice to have this also.

3. My feature request is this:
Is it possible to setup / program each Unleashed (more than one) with a different delay in triggering? Why do I ask this? Simple: when I use multiple camera's in a single room, and I press the "shutter release" that triggers all camera's (thus not the camera shutter button for a specific camera), they all trigger at once and thus also will flash all at once. That is no problem when the camera's are NOT pointing towards each other, but it IS a problem when the camera's ARE pointing towards each other. Meaning: the flash of camera A is seen on the photo of camera B, and vise versa. That is not preferred. By having different delays between the actual triggering (even if it is a split second! Thus the triggertime is lower than 1 sec) of the different camera's, that problem of having the flash light of the other camera being captured on the photo of the other camera is certainly not desired.

These three feature requests are all related to triggering and using a remote control. Whether it be by triggering the camera directly using a ML-L3 remote control or using the smartphone and Unleashed App for triggering.

I have not found any such feature so far in the Unleashed and/or Unleashed App. Of course this feature is nowhere to be found in the Nikon firmware. Too bad, it isn't implemented in the Nikon firmware itself. That is why I ask for these features in the Unleashed, so that it can be accomplished by an external device which operates the camera the way I want the camera to behave, instead of the camera telling me what to do, like: take a photo using the infrared remote within 15min. That is not user friendly!

I hope you will implement these features, because I do miss them already!

Retired customer of the Unleashed. I have given up on this project, it's a never-ending story of bugs. Goodbye everyone!
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