Userfriendly logging in the Unleashed App

Here you can post all things you think are missing within in the app – we really appreciate your input.
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August 6th, 2020, 7:32 pm

Hi All,

Is it possible to create a second type of logging within the Unleashed App?
The current one is password protected and is not accessible for the user.

I would like to request a secondary/alternative logging (which is not password protected) so that users can see what order of buttons/screens they pressed.
Sort of "trail" the user follows in the App. Not a logging file for the developers to dive into, but logging to see how the user navigated through the App if he/she can't recall the trail-steps anymore.

Now I find it hard to reproduce the same error/bug when I forgot in which sequence/order I pressed the buttons/screens.

No fancy logging, just some simple text file indicating what the "App flow" is to reproduce a possible bug.

Retired customer of the Unleashed. I have given up on this project, it's a never-ending story of bugs. Goodbye everyone!
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