Triggering camera shutter

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March 10th, 2021, 4:40 pm

at an interval of 0.5s, no matter how short your exposure time, there is very very little time to try to change any settings. Canon cameras will return "BUSY" to the Unleashed, if we try to apply a change you made in the app to the camera. We don't do any retries, so it it's possible at all, you'll need to time your change in the app perfectly.
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March 13th, 2021, 12:35 am

Thanks, Andy and Oliver.

I was in Photo mode when LRTimelapse timer is running. Sometimes the settings are grayed with a warning, sometimes it allows me to change settings, but it jumps back to the original one immediately,

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As Oliver pointed out, it's indeed related to my interval setting. I increased the interval to 0.8 second, it starts to allow me to change camera settings from Unleashed. Great!

There's no problem for me to change the settings by using the camera dials when the 0.5 second interval trigger is running.

Hope Unleashed will support interval ramping in the future, or be able to work together with LRTimelapse trigger to do exposure ramping. Right now Gunther Wegner recommends to pair with "Dslrdashboard" app for holy grail TL, but it's cumbersome.

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