Weather sealing

Here you can post all things you think are missing within in the app – we really appreciate your input.
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December 7th, 2020, 9:38 pm


Unleashed is superior then other solution in so many aspects that we can overlook some improvements.

One thing that bothers me is to have the rubber coonectivity cover loose in the camera. This could be solved with a customized coonectivity covers with a hole that is tight enouth to plug the dongle keeping the weather sealing or at least not leaving the cover loose in the camera.

Naturally this has to be done camera by camera as there will be no one size fits all.

I will certainly do it for my camera as a DIY mini project as soon as I find a connectivity cover for the nikkon z6. But that could be also a business opportunity for you.

Have this been considered or have someone done something similar?

This would be great for those who want to keep it plugged full time.
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December 9th, 2020, 1:24 pm

This is certainly something we have considered, but had to dismiss it. We support over 60 different camera models, with more being added all the time.
If Nikon and Canon would sell just the rubber covers, we could possibly build a tool to cut an opening for the Unleashed, but even that would be a lot of work and logistics. We get so few requests for this, that I would imagine we would sell very little. Therefore while it would be nice to have, it would be a bad business decision to try to do this.

However, you can either remove the entire flap, or on the Z6, you can cut off just the bottom part of the flap, or if you want, you can cut a small rectangle out of the bottom part of the flap so the Unleashed plug fits through the rubber. It's not so easy to determine the exact position of the plug, but it is possible to figure out.

If you do go for that, please send us a photo!
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