N2 with Nikon D3200

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July 30th, 2020, 4:30 pm

Hello. I am having trouble. I recently purchased the unleashed N2 and I feel like I am either not doing something correctly or the N2 is not compatible with my device . It appears I do not have full access to all the functions. I cannot see the camera screen on my phone like in the tutorial videos . I can press the shutter button on my phone but I’m pretty much shooting blind , with no ability to adjust any camera settings . It kind of defeats the purpose. I’m hoping there is a simple fix to this. I was excited to actually find a tool that would work for my camera but it seems like I am back at square one. Can you please help me?
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July 31st, 2020, 1:30 am

Hi BriannaP,

Your Nikon D3200 is compatible with the Unleashed N2:
https://www.foolography.com/products/un ... atibility/

It looks like you have not plugged in your Unleashed N2 correctly.

My first advice is, verify that you REALLY have plugged in your Unleashed N2 correctly:
https://www.foolography.com/faqs/how-do ... correctly/

Turn off your camera. Pull out the battery. Insert battery. Turn on camera.

On what type of smartphone are you running the Unleashed App: iOS or Android?
Clear the Bluetooth cache and try again running the Unleashed App.

When the Unleashed is plugged in with the cable plugged in correctly, your "N2: 003499" text should change into "N2: D3200" text.

Hope this helps.

Caution: I am an extremely well pleased Unleashed customer. So I might be a bit biased here 8-)
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July 31st, 2020, 3:07 pm

Hi, Sorry for the trouble.

Yes, the Unleashed N2 works with the D3200, in fact we even have one for testing in the Office.

We even made a couple of specific fixes for the D3200 and D3100 in one of the last firmware updates.
You definitely need the USB cable to plugged in though! Without that, you'll only have triggering and GPS, as well as long exposures (where you'll be required to set the camera to BULB manually for it to work.)

can you check your firmware version? Menu->Unleashed icon with gear -> Unleashed N2: 003499 -> Firmware

Is your cable plugged in the right way round? the cable needs to point towards the front of the camera.
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