Slight inconsistencies in latest update 1.3

We tested as good as we can. But there will always be things we didn't find. If you found things that apparently don't work as they should, you can report them here so we can take care of them as soon as possible.
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June 26th, 2019, 12:39 pm

I am really happy with the latest IOS update 1.3 and the new, long awaited features. It works great and is highly appreciated. A few observations and minor annoyances that I noted when playing around. None of them restricts the functionality of the new features. I have NR on in all cases. No cable connected:

• MUP will generate an info message,that shutter speed is restricted by hardware. Would it be possible to generate a more precise message to indicate what is really going on? NR will generate the same message. Again more details (if possible) would be great.

• I found it very confusing initially that there are now two "TIME" settings. TIME mode for the camera itself (in the shutter speed menu next to BULB mode) as well as the emulated TIME setting in the new long exposure menu. I understand that this is a great feature for cameras that do not have an in-built TIME function, but it is confusing in my case. Would it be somehow possible to merge the two?

• In the new long exposure mode, the trigger animation is starting but does not reach the end. The animation is instead replaced by an info message.

• Shooting 30 sec in manual mode (M): trigger animation is starting but is soon replaced by info message. Info message remains even after shutter closes and NR is done. All settings (except GPS) remain grayed out.

• When returning from firmware or info menu, sometimes all settings (except GPS) remain grayed out.
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July 1st, 2019, 3:53 pm


Thanks for your feedback.

Most of your points are easy to explain:
  • MUP & NR: We only get this info via USB, so if you're not using the cable, the camera will only tell us you can't change the settings when the mirror is already up, but it doesn't tell us why - exaclty in the same way as if camera-specific hardware is limiting the availability of a setting (such as a physical mode-dial on lower end cameras as opposed to the mode-button + rotating the thumb-wheel on the higher end cameras). When USB is plugged in, we can check/request more specific reasons, and will now display "MUP" in the shutterbutton. Same for "NR", but so far only on a handful of cameras - we're working on getting this info on other cameras too. In other words: we try to give you all the info we have, but sometimes we just don't get any more info from the camera.
  • TIME: You're right. we worked mainly with cameras that don't support TIME natively, so we added the emulated TIME function. But I agree, we should probably remove the emulated version if the camera has a native one. I will check again with the developer that implemented the emulation whether there were any advantages of either version, but if not, we'll definitely remove the emulated one in the next firmware update.
  • TRIGGER ANIMATION: That is odd. We did have a few cases where this happened, but thought that we fixed them all. Can you send us a screen recording of this case, and tell us if you're using Android or iOS, and which camera.
  • Greyed out settings: even during a long exposure, the Unleashed goes to idle after 30s. in that case, All settings (except GPS) get greyed out. Tapping on any setting (as the Info message suggests) will wake up the Unleashed and all the settings should show up again. This is a power-saving feature. We plan to make the 30s user-defineable, but are still working on a decent UI for this, which doesn't clutter the Apps clean UI, and doesn't confuse users who don't want to deal with fine-tuning
    such behaviour.
We will check if we missed a case that prematurely ends the shutter animation when the Unelashed goes to sleep, and whether this is an app or firmware issue: As I said, a screen recording would be helpful.

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