Unleashed causing menu / playback problems

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August 14th, 2019, 12:00 am

I have a new issue. Camera is a Nikon D7200. I needed to replace my broken flash (SB-600) and I went with a third-party product (Neewar). With my first test photo, I found that the menu or playback options weren't working. The work only after I removed the unleashed device. When I put it back, I have the same menu / playback issues not working.

My phone app connects, but it doesn't recognize the battery power left, and the only module I can work with is GPS. It does display a message "Photo review is not available. USB cable is unplugged. Plug in USB cable."

Is this all related to the new flash I used?

Even without the flash mounted, the Unleashed device / app aren't working together. My bluetooth indicates that 'unleashed' is connected but the app isn't functioning.

At this point, my camera is functional w/o the Unleashed but won't work (playback, menu settings) with the Unleashed plugged in.

Or, do I have a bad Unleashed device?
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