Pairing Holux M-241 +

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August 28th, 2019, 4:51 pm


Following discussion in Feature Wishes & Suggestions/External GPS, I am trying to pair Unleashed N2 with an Holux M-241+ I use an Iphone 6s, Unleashed firmware and app are latest.
- I can pair Holux with iPhone, but I have not found any mean to know il it uses external or internal GPS. More over, in Settings/General/Bluetoot of IOS, I see the Holux as connected but it lacks ther (I) sign, so I can not unpair/forget it, as you said in forementioned discussion that it is necessary to unpair from the phone to be able to pair it with the Unleashed.
- When paired with the Phone, I can not select external GPS in Unleashed app. If I choose the icon with only satellite in the left part of GPS Mode+Interval+Priority screen, Interval and Priority show only a greyed out satellite icon, I can not select an interval. If I choose satellite and Phone icon, all is normal, but I think it used only phone internal GPS.

Can you explain more precisely how to pair an external GPS ?

Thanks !
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August 28th, 2019, 7:56 pm

I reply to myself : I used an Android tablet instead iPhone for pairing the Holux with the Unleashed, and it's now OK. But now I have another problem : Date is false (for example, today is 8/28/19, but the GPS info says 9/1/19...), position is not accurate (some seconds difference between what is dispayed on the camera and what is displayed on Holux) and altitude too (45 meters between Holux and camera). I have the latest firmware.
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September 5th, 2019, 6:18 pm

Hi Sibe,

sorry for the trouble.

To pair the Holux with the Unleashed, you should NOT pair it with the phone. The holux can only handle one connection at a time, so as long as it is paired with the phone, the Unleashed will not be able to connect to it.

It sounds like you managed, but in case someone else is having the same problem

To pair it with the Unleashed, you need to open the Unleashed app, go to the Menu, then click on the Unleashed icon with a Gear at the bottom, to reach the "YOUR UNLEASHEDS" screen. Tap on your Unleashed, then tap on "Accessories". Here the Holux should show up, and you can tap to pair.

Once it is paired, you will get 2 new options in the GPS Mode in the normal PHOTO screen.

You need to select one of these modes before the Unleashed actually connects to the Holux.

Yes, the Date is the one thing we were not yet able to fully decipher - I was waiting for the change from August 31st to September 1st to confirm what we had figured out before.
While testing this, I found the same mistake that you noticed, and have now corrected it in the latest firmware, It will still take some time before we can release that though. But until October 1st, the date should be correct ;-) We will do our best to have the new Firmware released before then!

As for the difference in the latitude/longitude, this is just due to different ways of displaying the coordinates:
Nikon uses DDºMM.MMMM (degrees, minutes with fraction) whereas the Holux displays DDºMM' SS.SS" (degrees, Minutes, seconds with fraction). you can multiply the minute fraction by 60 to get seconds. close to 0 the will look similar, but might be slightly different, but MM.9999 will translate to 59.99 seconds, so the difference is huge the closer you get to that.

And lastly, the altitude displayed in the Holux is the actual GPS altitude, but oddly, they transfer something else. What they transfer (and thus, the Unleashed saves to the camera), is actually a corrected altitude, that takes into account that the earth is not 100% spherical, it's not even a perfect ellipsoid. There is a mathematical model of the the earth - or rather the theoreitical Mean Sea Level, taking into account varying gravity and the rotation of the earth. This is called "geoid'. GPS altitude is based on a perfect ellipsoid. but the geoid deviates from that anwhere between -106m in southern India to +85m in Iceland. Looks like it's 45m where you are.
The Value saved to your photos is therefore actually a more correct Altitude than the one displayed on the Holux.

You can read more about it here:

I hope this helps!
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September 7th, 2019, 12:51 pm


Thanks for detailed explanation of pairing. Effectively, I ended up managing it, but by chance only, so your explanation is welcome.

    For the difference of coordinates, I suspected that it was a problem linked to the way of displaying, but I could not find the right values in my conversion tests. I will recheck because it makes sense. In any case, in my use, a difference of a few meters does not cause any problems.

For altitude, I should have known (I know quite well the issues related to the geography of Earth) but I had not made the connection. Thank you for reminding me!

Good news for the correction of the date as it's the only "real" problem in my case, so I'll wait for the next firmware version.

Thank you for the support!

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