Unleashed N2 Disables Screen on Nikon D5100 [solved - usb cable plugged in wrong way]

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February 25th, 2020, 8:40 am


whenever I connect my new Unleashed N2 with my Nikon D5100 via the USB cable the following happens:
* the LED on the unleashed turns off
* the display of my Nikon D5100 goes black
* I cannot use the camera anymore to control any camera settings as the display is off
* I cannot use the app to control my Nikon as all the options in the app are greyed out

If I only connect the Unleashed without the USB cable GPS operates well. As soon as I add the cable the above mentioned strange behavior occurs.

Any help how to resolve those issues is appreciated!

Thanks and best
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February 25th, 2020, 9:45 am

Hi, Sorry for the trouble.

It sounds like the Unleashed is half-pressing the shutterbutton continuously.
While we've had some similar issues due hardware-errors, this always happened with the Unleashed without the USB cable too.

Could it be that you plugged the cable into the Unleashed the wrong way round? The wire should point towards the front of the camera. We do have a Slot and key in the Plug/Socket that should hinder you from plugging it in the wrong way rounnd, but since the socket is only plastic, it is possible to overcome the resistance with a bit of force.

I hope this is it.

Here are some support videos, one is about plugging it in!
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February 25th, 2020, 8:33 pm

Hi Oliver,

thanks a lot for the fast reply. Indeed the plug was plugged in the wrong way round. After I corrected that it works like a charm :-)

Best regards
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