Maybe a good idea for bug tracking in this forum...

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January 15th, 2021, 6:08 pm

Hi Oliver, Andy, and others,

Maybe it is a good idea to start using a hashtag #bug with a specific number to track down a certain discussion in this forum when you publish a new App and firmware update with a releaselist of all bugs that were solved. That way the reporter(s) of the bug can backtrack the forum posts using the search option with the hashtag and number of the bug that was handed out by your team to this bug. So you get something like this:

In forum:
Problem with connection.

In releaselist of App/Firmware
[fixed] #bug4536252

That way all users of the forum can look up the discussion related to this bug report.

It's a simple way of handling bug tracking with the current options available in the forum.
Maybe a good idea to start using in the forum?

Caution: I am a somewhat pleased Unleashed customer.
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