Android 2.0.0 Beta! with Firmware 2.0.0 Beta - Finally!

Bugs and Issues only for the Beta version of our apps and firmware
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August 20th, 2021, 2:18 pm

Hey Everyone.
The day has finally come!

After a long testing period on iOS, we're finally launching the Android Beta app compatible with the Firmware 2.0.0 Beta We've been reworking, refactoring and fixing lots of things in our firmware for the past few months. Amongst many other things, we've drastically reduced and improved our Bluetooth API, which will alleviate the issues some people were having with the Android Bluetooth Stack.
Of course we've also made lots of improvements and bugfixes everywhere in the Android app and most importantly have reworked the whole firmware updating mechanism, as well as addressing new requirements from Google regarding Bluetooth, Location and other permissions. See the changelogs below for App and Firmware.

Of course, the Beta app is not yet perfect, there are several UI related issues we still have on our to-do list. But it's functional, and we did not want to hold it back any longer than we already have. The bigger changes are in the Firmware, which is much improved, and more stable than ever, and the iOS Beta testers have already helped us get rid of a lot of bugs in the last few months.

2021-08-18 Android 2.0.0 Beta-1

[Added] Firmware 2.0.0 with very long list of changes.
[Added] New BLE Api 4.0 - much better for Android
[Added] Partial FW updating
[Added] Connecting to Unleashed in Bootloader (red LED)
[Added] GPS Notification cancel option
[Added] Warning if GPS Mode is on but has no permission
[Added] Android 12 support

[Improved] Connection speed and reliability
[Improved] App internals making use of new API
[Improved] App architecture and UI implementation
[Improved] Redesigned icons
[Improved] Managing requirements for location and Bluetooth
[Improved] Permission request flow as suggested by Google
[Improved] FusedLocationProvider for better location data
[Improved] Location data updates with app in background
[Improved] Settings Values sorting
[Improved] Autoramp day/night limits now set by FW

[Fixed] Bluetooth connection issues
[Fixed] Multiple Unleashed connection issues
[Fixed] Very slow app startup time
[Fixed] Tap to trigger causing multiple shots
[Fixed] Trigger Button stayed pressed even the app goes background
[Fixed] Numerous smaller internal issues

2021-08-13 Firmware 2.0.0 Beta

[Added] New Bluetooth API - extendable and better for Android Bluetooth Stack
[Added] ND filter setting
[Added] Autoramping with emulated Long Exposure setting (Shutterspeed in BULB)
[Added] Advanced Unleashed settings - sleep modes, timeouts, LED brightness, etc settable from app
[Added] Deep sleep modes including completely off mode
[Added] Motion control support for third-party accessories
[Added] Day/Night limits for shutter speed, aperture and ISO moved from app to firmware
[Added] New setting to change the order of settings to be ramped
[Added] Long exposure setting ON/OFF switching where possible
[Added] Automatically setting long exposure to last shutter speed when switching LE ON
[Added] Support for extended shutter speeds on Nikon Z series
[Added] GPS mode changes to external when pairing a new GPS accessory
[Added] Automatically disable GPS on short-interval timelapses in order to ensure higher accuracy interval shooting
[Added] Warning on short-interval timelapses if the camera does not support them reliably
[Added] EV value buffering for displaying graph when ramping
[Added] New camera model names
[Added] Failure recovery mechanisms
[Added] New APIs for future app features[Improved] Bluetooth responsiveness
[Improved] Internal communication speed increased considerably
[Improved] USB communication reliability
[Improved] Communication with Nikon cameras without USB cable
[Improved] Timelapse and autoramping (completely overhauled)
[Improved] Tap-to-trigger mechanism
[Improved] Image quality handling on Canon cameras with multiple card slots
[Improved] Third-party accessory support
[Improved] Accessory connection speed
[Improved] Bulk data transfer mechanism
[Improved] Power and meter-on detection on Nikon cameras
[Improved] LED sequences and responsiveness
[Fixed] USB initialization issues
[Fixed] Slow reconnection issues
[Fixed] Battery drain issues
[Fixed] Triggering during playback on Canon
[Fixed] Several triggering issues on Canon cameras
[Fixed] Issue causing trigger detection not to work on most Nikon cameras
[Fixed] Intervalometer triggering issues
[Fixed] Several autoramping issues
[Fixed] Edge case in autoramping changes
[Fixed] Partial autoramping (e.g. ramping with manual lenses)
[Fixed] Timelapse stopping after one or two shots
[Fixed] Timelapse trigger not updating after the timelapse is done
[Fixed] LRT Algorithm Autoramping on Nikon D3100/D3200
[Fixed] Image Review for Nikon D3100/D3200
[Fixed] Thumbnails sent twice on Canon cameras saving RAW + JPEG
[Fixed] Video trigger not updating after stopping video on some Nikon cameras
[Fixed] Video issues on Nikon Z series
[Fixed] Video issues on Canon cameras
[Fixed] Geotagging videos on Canon cameras
[Fixed] Flickering to ISO Auto on Canon cameras in certain conditions
[Fixed] Shutter speed flickering on geotagged long exposure shots in Canon cameras
[Fixed] Shutter speed steps on Canon cameras
[Fixed] Focus mode issues on Nikon cameras with USB cable
[Fixed] EV meter parsing issue in Canon cameras
[Fixed] Default initialization on some settings
[Fixed] Failure recovery mechanism issues
[Fixed] Issue causing Unleashed to think that a Nikon camera is off when it is not
[Fixed] Sleep mode failing to work sometimes
[Fixed] Bug causing Unleashed to get stuck in sleep mode if it has gone 49 days without losing power
[Fixed] Bug causing accessories not to reconnect after waking up from sleep mode
[Fixed] Handling of long lists of setting options
[Fixed] Protocol issues on newer Nikon cameras without USB cable
[Fixed] Playback/Menu buttons disabled on newer Nikon cameras (Z 6 II/ Z 7 II)
[Fixed] Wrong error shown on long exposure setting
[Fixed] Shutter speed staying in BULB when changing from BULB to another mode in some Canon cameras",
[Fixed] SD card error on trigger not clearing when installing SD card
[Fixed] Number of photos remaining in timelapse when not shooting a timelapse
[Fixed] Issue causing settings not to update when the camera has values unknown to the Unleashed

Just to be clear - this is the condensed version of changes - a lot more has happened under the hood, preparing the way for new stuff coming in the near future.

You can join the Beta by clicking this link: ... .unleashed

We have now opened the iOS Beta as well, so any iOS users reading this far don't need an invitation anymore:

Looking forward to hearing your feedback! And thank you for your patience during the long stretch without any updates.

Please post bugs and feedback only in the BETA forum, which we will try to clean up after each release, so as not to confuse non-beta users with bugs that are unrelated to their App/Firmware versions.

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August 27th, 2021, 6:19 pm

Beta 2 was published yesterday, but is still in Review on the PlayStore.

2021-08-26 Android 2.0.0 Beta-2 changelog:

- [Added] Requesting missing permissions during FW update
- [Fixed] Paired Unleasheds were not being saved sometimes
- [Fixed] Duplicated devices in Pairing screen
- [Fixed] Unleashed unable to connect sometimes
- [Fixed] Firmware update UI not responding
- [Fixed] Multiple Unleasheds UI issues
- [Fixed] Remaining Photos wrong calculation
Founder & CEO of Foolography, Hardware & Firmware developer.
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September 10th, 2021, 12:12 pm

Beta 3 is out, with the 2.0.0 Release Firmware.

2021-09-07 Android 2.0.0 Beta-3 changelog:

- [Added] New 2.0.0 Release FW
- [Added] Advanced Unleashed Settings
- [Added] ND Filter Setting
- [Fixed] Crash when turning off Bluetooth with app in background
- [Fixed] Wrong values for Virtual Unleashed
- [Fixed] Unexpected trigger actions for timelapse and long exposures

2021-08-26 Firmware 2.0.0 changelog (since last Beta)

- [Added] New app state API
- [Added] New deep sleep modes
- [Improved] Error reporting in some edge cases
- [Fixed] Intervalometer stopping after one shot after turning some Nikon cameras off
- [Fixed] Recovery mode issues
- [Fixed] Missing shooting information on some Canon cameras
Founder & CEO of Foolography, Hardware & Firmware developer.
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October 16th, 2021, 12:38 pm

2021-10-13 Android 2.0.0 Beta-4 changelog:
- [Added] Displaying the estimated timelapse progress when disconnected
- [Added] Checking connectivity when geotagging is on
- [Added] Displaying the errors on Timelapse screens
- [Added] Displaying the GPS errors set by firmware
- [Improved] Notification explanations for Geotagging
- [Improved] UI implementation of PHOTO, VIDEO, TIMELAPSE and AUTORAMP screens
- [Improved] UI implementation on EDIT UNLEASHED screen
- [Improved] Error logging system
- [Fixed] No GPS data was sent when phone was fallback GPS source
- [Fixed] Turning off the location service when Unleashed disconnects

While it just got one line in the Changelog, most of the work since the last Beta went into refactoring the main screens in the app (PHOTO, VIDEO, TIMELAPSE, AUTORAMP).
Please pay specific attention to those, and see if you find any glitches there, or if you have a Phone with an unusual screen size, and it doesn't look right. Send us screenshots or screen recordings. if possible.

This is planned to be the last Beta before we do a final release.

Thanks already!
Founder & CEO of Foolography, Hardware & Firmware developer.
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