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GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: September 24th, 2021, 10:02 pm
by Ruuddesoet
I have a problem when I use the GPS function in mode GPS.
In this setting I can use once (1x) the release button (on camera and in App) but second time it failed. Only when I switch the setting from GPS/GPS in GPS/Trigger the “blocked” shutter will be released.
Sometimes I can see GPS data in my camera but mostly it’s empty.
It happens in the latest final release and also in Beta version 2.0.0 (1650)

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: September 24th, 2021, 10:20 pm
by Oliver
I'll move it to the Beta forum, if you're currently on the Beta.

We haven' t had any similar reports or encountered the error ourselves. Could you give us a few more details?
iOS or Android?
with or without USB cable plugged in?
Triggering form App or from camera?
Smartphone location or external GPS?

Thanks already!

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: September 24th, 2021, 11:15 pm
by Ruuddesoet
Requested information: IOS WITHOUT USB cable plugged I can set GPS in Trigger mode and GPS mode.
In Trigger mode I can release in APP and on camera. In GPS mode I can release only on camera, releasing in APP can't and get a msg: "Long exposer duration is available. Camera is shooting, Wait until the camera ends the shot.".
But the camera is not shooting because I can release the camera button for a new shoot.
When I releasing in the APP (GPS mode) I get the message when I press on the "I" in the right upper corner. When I release in the APP (GPS mode) the camera will not shoot but when I swith to Trigger the camera will release and take a picture.
When I look on my D810 panel for location info I can't see any GPS info. Sometimes I have seen some info but 99% it's empty.
When I use the USB cable with GPS enabled I can not select GPS or Trigger mode. This means that, when I use a USB cable and GPS on I can't release from the APP. I get the same msg like above.
This means that GPS will not work for my D810.
I don't know if this is a software or hardware error but I buy this plugin also for the GPS function.

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: October 2nd, 2021, 4:28 pm
by Ruuddesoet
Today I got a msg from Testflight (IOS) for an update of the firmware for the Unleashed.
Firmware was updated correctly but I hav still GPS problems.
When I set GPS OFF al functions are working fine.
When I set GPS on and select time in seconds and mode Trigger then I can release the camera in the APP and on camera. No GPS data saved om picture.
When I set GPS on and select any number of seconds AND mode GPS on I can't release the shutter in the APP but only on camera. No location data is stored.
When I set GPS on with mode GPS is can't release in the APP but when I change to mode Trigger the shutter will be released (delayed after changing the mode in Trigger)
The only difference in this new Beta release is that NO "I" will be displayed in the upper right corner with a msg.
One remarks about the release button in the App. When I use the button, without GPS on, I can see the middle circle will be smaller en bigger. When I set GPS ON and Mode GPS ON the middle circle will be smaller after pressing the button but stays smaller for a longer time, without releasing the shutter on the camera.

When I am the only IOS and Nikon D810 user than I think the Unleashed plug will be defect. If so, then I expect a new one from Foolography! This will be guaranty issue.

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: October 21st, 2021, 10:42 am
by Ruuddesoet
Any news about the Nikon D810 and GPS problem?
Are there other Nikon D810 users with the same problem?
In a mail from foolography they told me that it will be fixed in the new Beta version but still a problem and also in the official release.
Response will be fine!

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: October 27th, 2021, 1:54 pm
by Ruuddesoet
I have installed the latest firmware version ans now it works when I have a good GPS signal.
In GPS mode and no GPS signal I can't make a photo.
I prefer that when GPS mode is ON and no GPS is available the camera will make the photo without GPS data of course.
No I have many "missing" shots.

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: November 1st, 2021, 4:21 pm
by Oliver
Sorry, if I'm misunderstanding:

The camera won't trigger if you don't have good GPS reception? Thats the first time we have ever had such a report!
Very interesting! That should definitely not be the case!
Is that only when shooting from the app? are you tapping the shutterbutton in the app, or holding it?
We determine a tap if the time of touching the button is less than 0.3 seconds. In this case the Unleashed will make sure to send gps data then take the photo for you by holding down the shutterbutton until it senses that the camera started taking a shot.
if you hold it longer than 0.3 seconds, we'll translate it directly to pressing the shutterbutton of the camera for as long as you press the shutterbutton in the app. So if you let go later than 0.3 seconds, but earlier than about 0.8 seconds (about the amount of time it takes to send GPS data to the camera), This could result in missed shots.
But if you press and hold, you can also take multiple shots if your in Continuous shooting mode, so we had to make the distinction.

Could you try tapping faster, slower, or pressing for a much longer time to see if this is the problem you might be running into?

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: November 10th, 2021, 2:05 pm
by Ruuddesoet
See my ticket in the Bugs section.
When I set GPS mode on and release the button in the App for 0.3sec nothing happens until I change to "Trigger".
I can see that the app will use my location and scan for every 5 sec. as set in the GSPS setting.

Now I am waiting so long time for a solution and I think this is a warranty issue! I have warranty so what is the problem to solve this problem?
This problem looks like a unique problem and a deffect. I propose to send a replacement for my plug and after I will send my old plug return.
I ask this before but get (still) no answer. I am very disappointed with the support of Foolography.

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: November 10th, 2021, 4:17 pm
by Oliver

of course we will replace the product if it is defective.
The thing is that in so many cases, we have been able to solve issues remotely, that it's a waste to ship devices back and forth.

I asked several questions and suggested things to try in the last post form the 1st of November... Without answers/results from those, we can't continue to determine whether it is a defect or firmware bug or usage.

It would be great if you could still reply to those.

Re: GPS problem -Nikon D810

Posted: November 10th, 2021, 9:35 pm
by Ruuddesoet
The GPS signal is good, the app indicates that my location is being used.
If I turn on the GPS in the app and choose trigger, everything works fine.
When I turn on GPS in the app and choose GPS, I can press the shutter button on the camera and a photo is taken. In the app I see a yellow ring around the shutter button. No GPS location is stored in the photo.
When I press the shutter button in the app (GPS mode), nothing happens.
No picture is taken with either 0.3sec, 0.8sec. or hold on the shutterbutton for a long time. The camera does nothing until I switch directly from GPS mode to Trigger mode and the picture is taken.
It doesn't matter if I keep the shutterbutton in the app quickly, slowly or for a long time. The photo is only taken when I go into trigger mode.
Occasionally the plug works from the app with GPS, usually after turning on the camera and app to stop after 2-3 photos. If it works then out of 10 photos only 3 photos are provided with GPS- data. This happened 1:1000 photo’s.
Conclusion: the plug works once and then stops in GPS mode and saving GPS data.
See also same screen copies in the bug section ticket with the same description. This is not a Beta problem.