Extra Unleashed setting requested: auto-defaulting from "Slow with reconnect" to "System off" after long period of OFF

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October 11th, 2021, 12:32 pm

Hi All,

Is it possible to have an EXTRA Unleashed setting called "Auto-defaulting time period", in which the time is specified that WHEN the Unleashed is not used because the camera is turned OFF,
the Unleashed setting "Deep Sleep Mode" will default BACK from "Slow with reconnect"/"Slow down"/"No deep sleep" to "System off" after long period of OFF.
This will prevent that the user forgets to set this Unleashed setting back to "System off" when the camera is put back into the cabinet. Otherwise the problem remains the same with the battery draining (compare FW 1.4.2 vs BETA 2.0.0-3).

After the Unleashed isn't used, because camera is OFF and smartphone and/or accessory is no longer connected, and 3/6/9/12/etc hours are passed by, why bother keeping the Unleashed in these different "Deep Sleep Mode" when the camera isn't used at all?

It will prevent battery draining.

And when the user does pick the camera out of the cabinet to use it that day, the user can connect with the smartphone to the Unleashed and THAT specific Unleashed setting is SYNCED with the Unleashed settings in the App, for that specific Unleashed (detected by serial number).

That way, you have best of both:
- Unleashed settings when camera operational to benefit the preferred usage of the user.
- Unleashed settings when camera not operational, preventing unnecessary battery drainage.

Just my 2cts.

Retired customer of the Unleashed. I have given up on this project, it's a never-ending story of bugs. Goodbye everyone!
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