Non-Beta 2.0.0 Apps and Firmware are released

Bugs and Issues only for the Beta version of our apps and firmware
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October 24th, 2021, 10:01 pm

Hi All,

Today we published the Final releases of both the iOS and the Android 2.0.0 Apps.

There are still some issue reports here that we have not been able to reproduce or solve.
The main reason for the Beta was to test that the new Firmware with the brand new API does not cause huge problems, and while yes, there are some users here that feel this is the case, 200 others had no issues at all.
That does not mean this is the end of the road - we're sure we'll get more bug reports now that thousands and thousands of customers are going to use the updated Apps and firmware. And of course we'll work on those bugs and fix them. The plan is for much shorter intervals between releases from here on out.

Thanks for all your feedback and bug reports in the Beta phase!

Greetings from Berlin,
Founder & CEO of Foolography, Hardware & Firmware developer.
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