Help with Sunrise Holy Grail

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January 8th, 2022, 8:39 am

Hi all,

yesterday I had an issue with shooting Holy Grail sunrise's timelapse. I started with the following settings @ 07:21 AM (sunrise was planned for 08:02 AM):

Camera settings: 5s, F4, ISO 3200 (6 stop ND filter)

Autoramp settings:
  • Algo: LRT+ up
  • Night: 5 4.0 3200
  • Day: 4 22 100
  • Interval 8s, duration 2.6h

Everything went well up to 07:44 AM, the expo ramped to 5s, F10, ISO 100. Then it stopped ramping and most shots where blown out.

My gear:
  • Nikon D700
  • Unelashed N1 firmware A 2.1.1, B 2.1.2, C 2.0.0
  • App Version 2.0.1 on iPod touch (MKJ02BT/A) iOS 12.5.3
What I noticed that might have caused this:
  • My camera clock was not accurate, Daylight Saving option was on so the camera had +1h
  • I'm not sure the GPS was fixed on the iPod when I started the sequence
Can those variables cause this kind of problem?
Is there a way for me to detect the problem during the sequence and avoid it?

Thanks in advance for the support
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