Unleashed Geotagging [solved - explained settings]

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January 24th, 2020, 3:06 pm


i did a test, The gps act normaly without the usb cable.
i have to set the latency and select phone or ipad GPs.

but i dont understand the meaning of the 3e icone
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hi everyone,
dear team, i recently receive my unleashed.
so i tried the geotagging, i activate it by the app.
keep the app in background and go shoot with the camera.
but no gps info in my photos.

Usb was off as i only needed geotagging

did i do a mistake ?

phone oneplus5
unleashed N2
Firmware A 1.4.1 B 1.4.5 C 1.4.0
Camera Nikon D600
Phone oneplus5
unleashed N2
Firmware A 1.4.1 B 1.4.5 C 1.4.0
Camera Nikon D600
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January 30th, 2020, 11:13 am

Hi mrsurf,

Sorry for your trouble.

First of all, please have a look at our tutorial for GPS.
https://www.foolography.com/faqs/how-do ... eotagging/
There's a video, but also everything in text form.

We also explain the meaning of the third picker.

I suggest to keep the GPS Interval lower: This should improve the quality of the GPS coordinates, and on Nikon cameras we always send the GPS data to the camera once per second, no matter what this setting is set to, so this setting is only for how often the smartphone calculates the position.

I always have mine set to 1s, and don't notice a large powerdrain on the smartphone...

We have a Beta going on for Android that includes improvements for GPS functionality as well, if you send me your PlayStore email to beta@foolography.com, I'll invite you to the Beta.

The USB cable only has a positive effect on the GPS functionality when the app is in the foreground and actively being used:
Without the cable, the Unleashed gets and sets settings on the camera using a protocol over the same pins of the 10-pin port that we also send GPS data to the camera over. We only get and set settings while the App is in the foreground.
When the GPS Priority (third picker) is set to "GPS", and you trigger the camera from the app, we do the following:
  1. stop the settings protocol asap
  2. wait 200-500ms so Camera will accept GPS protocol
  3. change to GPS protocol, and send a complete set of GPS data to camera
  4. wait about 200ms for the GPS data to complete transferring
  5. trigger camera
This guarantees that GPS data will be saved in each photo.

When the App is in the background, we disable the Settings protocol entirely and are always on the GPS Protocol, so there's no need to "switch protocols", therefore there is no delay, and hence no need for a "priority", since we can trigger instantly and still have GPS data in the photos.

Same thing when the USB cable is plugged in: we disable the Settings protocol through the GPS Pins, and get/set settings through USB. So again we can always send GPS data through the 10-pin-port at the same time, again making GPS Priority unnecessary (which is why it gets greyed out as in your screenshot).

I hope this helps
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February 10th, 2020, 4:14 pm

thanks for the reply.
Phone oneplus5
unleashed N2
Firmware A 1.4.1 B 1.4.5 C 1.4.0
Camera Nikon D600
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