SB5000 flash control

Here you can post all things you think are missing within in the app – we really appreciate your input.
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January 27th, 2020, 5:36 pm

I do not have your current product. I have a D7500 + WR10 + SB5000 and it makes flash and remote very very simple and flexible. I WOULD like to use your product because it is smaller and less obtrusive on the camera, and because it offers such a great phone interface.
But the make it/break it line for me is I can't lose radio control of my SB5000 flash, it is too dang handy.
Please either let me use the WR10 WITH the foolography remote, or make the foolography remote work with the SB5000 exactly as the WR10 does now.
Thanks! - and I love what you are doing :)
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January 28th, 2020, 10:15 pm

Hi tucsonguy:
I believe I already answered the same question via email, but here's the answer again for every one:

Unfortunately, the Unleashed is not able to control the SB-5000. We did have this planned as an awesome update at some point - we thought we might be able decoded their protocol and get it to work, but it turns out that our Bluetooth chip wouldn't even have the capability to transmit those signals, so we have not taken it any further.

On the Unleashed N1, you can actually plug in the WR-R10 into the Unleashed, and you can trigger the camera with it, but we do not pass through the communication with the camera, so that will also not help with controlling the flash....

Maybe on a newer version of the Unleashed - if we move to a newer Bluetooth Chip...
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