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Barcode Edition Shop is online

Unleashed D200+ Barcode Edition on D300

At PMA 2010 foolography presented its Unleashed Barcode Edition and won the DIMA 2010 Innovative Digital Product Award as well as the Pro Photographer Hot Pick and Retailer Hot Pick awards. The Unleashed Barcode Edition enables photographs to wirelessly connect a Barcodes scanner to the camera and save a numeric barcode directly to the EXIF data of your photos. This is a huge time-saver for volume photographers and is the most elegant solution out there, available for the entire current Nikon DSLR lineup! We finally started worldwide sales of the Unleashed Barcode Edition excluding USA and Canada (where we are still resolving a patent issue).

Find more info on the Unleashed Barcode Edition product page.

Purchase it directly in our Barcode Edition Shop.

You’re very welcome to contact us with further questions.

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B&H now stocks foolography Unleashed

B&H Logo

We are pleased to announce that B&H now carries our wireless geotagging products, and currently has all versions of our Unleashed stocked, as well as all available bundles with the Holux GPS receivers we also carry.

Buy foolography products at B&H.

While we still ship worldwide, and will still gladly take your orders in our online-shop, B&H will offer many more payment options, quicker shipping to US-Customers, and of course an unparalleled range of photography gear, so you can save shipping costs by purchasing everything there.

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Canon announces GP-E1 with the EOS 1D X

So Canon has finally jumped on the bandwagon!

Canon has just announced their new flagship DSLR, the EOS 1D X And the big news is that they have finally decided to add two (or rather one and a half) GPS accessories to their product lineup along with it: the GP-E1 and the WFT-E6A:

GPS_GP_E1_2_300px Wireless_WFT_E6A_1_300px
Images via

The GP-E1 is a dedicated GPS Unit, and the WFT-E6 is a wireless file transmitter. However, it seems Canon liked our Idea with the Bluetooth GPS connectivity, and so decided to add that functionality into the WFT-E6. Unfortunately, both devices are compatible only with the new EOS 1D X, and won’t work with previous generation cameras. Although much smaller than the WFT-E2, both these add-ons are still much bigger than our Unleashed. Oh, and the pricing is supposed to be $300 and $600 respectively, plus the $6800 for the camera you’ll need to be able to use those accessories ;-)

Who knows what we’ll be able to come up with!?

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Nikon releases D5100…

…and our Unleashed Dx000 is compatible!

So, as rumored, Nikon released the D5100 today – the successor to their D5000, the mid-level consumer DSLR, positioned between the D3100 and the D7000.

I won’t tell you about the details or technical specifications, you can read about those elsewhere, such as on But here’s what will interest our readers:

Our Unleashed Dx000 will fit on the Nikon D5100!!

D5100 GPS Port
D5100 GPS port (

It will even fit in such a way, that it will hardly get in your way when you tilt and swivel the display through typically used orientations.

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foolography on dpreview, engadget, etc



So that’s what happens when your products are written about in the news section of (first peak) and on,, etc (second peak).

We sure enjoyed our 15 minutes of fame :-)

We’ve started a page of previous mentions in the press, which we will update with more and more links to articles and reviews that were written about foolography.

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photokina 2010 is over. We were there and had a great time!

foolography @ photokina by Eddy Westveer
Photo by our new customer Eddy Westveer – Thanks for sending us the picture!

The launch of our new products went really well, and these new Unleasheds for the D3100, D5000, D7000 and D90 were very well received by the visitors.

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Unleashed Dx000 and D90 unleashed

Our Bluetooth geotagging solution for Nikon’s D3100, D5000, D7000 and D90, was finally launched at photokina2010, everything worked out just in time, and the reception at photokina was great!

With these two new versions and of course our original Unleashed (D200+), we now support the entire current Nikon DSLR lineup, from the entry-level D3100, all the way up to the professional D3X.

The new Unleasheds are unbelievably thin, and fit very nicely on the side of the cameras, but have a look yourself:

Unleashed Dx000


Unleashed D90

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Move to Wiesbaden complete

Some of you may have noticed – we have moved from Darmstadt to Wiesbaden, already back in November 2009, but now, finally all the paperwork confirming our move is through, and we can officially claim to have moved to Wiesbaden.

Our New Address is:

foolography GmbH
Hallgarter Str. 10
65197 Wiesbaden

tel. +49 611 1475655
fax. +49 611 1475643

The new registration details in Wiesbaden are:

HRB 24628, Amtsgericht Wiesbaden

Although the move was mainly for private reasons, it also means that we have larger premises for foolography GmbH, which were badly needed.

If you’re in the area, you are welcome to visit and meet us here in Wiesbaden