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Vor-Weihnachts-Gewinnspiel – Gewinne Equipment im Wert von über 400€

Foolography Gewinnspiel

Wir verschenken ein Unleashed und einen Geschenkgutschein im Wert von 220 € für einen Kamera-Online-Shop deiner Wahl (kein Amazon)! Betrachte es als Weihnachtsgeschenk für dich selbst oder für jemand anderen. Wir wissen, dass es früh ist, aber ist es nicht immer am besten, den Geschenke-Einkauf früh erledigt zu haben? #BlackFriday ;)

Wenn du keine Nikon- oder Canon-Kamera hast, mach dir keine Sorgen! Wir haben etwas Besonderes für dich: Du erhältst eine der ersten handgefertigten Beta-Versionen des Unleashed für deine Sony-, Fujifilm-, Olympus- oder Panasonic-Kamera! Wir haben noch keinen genauen Starttermin, aber du erhältst es garantiert Monate vor dem offiziellen Launch. Im Anschluss schicken wir dir auch noch einmal ein finales Unleashed zu.

Gewinne Zubehör in Höhe von über 400€

So kannst du gewinnen…

Mitmachen ist ganz einfach. Logge dich unten im weißen Kasten ein und führe lediglich so viele der folgenden Schritte aus, wie du möchtest, um für jede Aktion eine bestimmte Anzahl an Einträgen zu erhalten.

  1. Besuche und folge (klicke “Gefällt mir”) unserer Facebook-Seite.
  2. Besuche und folge (klicke “abonniere”) uns auf Instagram.
  3. Lade ein Foto auf Instagram mit dem Hashtag #foolography und #unleashed hoch. Dies kann ein Foto sein, das du mit einem Unleashed gemacht hast, oder die Art von Foto, dass du mit einem Unleashed machen würdest. Alternativ kannst du den Hashtag auch zu einem relevanten Foto hinzufügen, das du kürzlich hochgeladen hast.
  4. Besuche und abonniere unseren YouTube-Kanal.
  5. Teile diesen Wettbewerb mit deinen Freunden und Familie.
  6. Abonniere unseren Newsletter.
  7. Wenn du 4 oder mehr von diesen Aktionen gemacht hast, bekommst du noch einmal 5 weitere Einträge/Tickets.

Foolography Christmas Giveaway

Der Gewinner wird am Donnerstag, den 12. November um 12 Uhr MEZ bekannt gegeben. Viel Glück!

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Meet us at CES 2017, Sands Hall G, 51500 – Eureka Park!

foolography at CES 2017

For all our American customers, partners and friends (or anyone who will be in Vegas for CES): We’ll be exhibiting at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, from the 5th to 8th of January and would be happy to meet you there. You’ll find us in Eureka Park – the flagship startup destination at CES. Booth 51500 (Sands, Hall G) right in the middle – opposite of the Indiegogo booth.

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The new Unleashed: Pre-order now on Indiegogo

Pre-Order the new Unleashed on Indiegogo

After the new Unleashed was successfully funded on Kickstarter with more than 300% of its funding goal, we are constantly asked whether there is any chance to still pre-order the Unleashed. After thinking about it we now decided to give people the option to pre-order the new Unleashed for a special price and to be part of one of the early production rounds in order to be one of the first to receive it.

Starting today, you can pre-order the new Unleashed through the InDemand program on Indiegogo. Check the compatibility list at the bottom of our Indiegogo page, choose a perk (that’s how Indiegogo calls the rewards or product bundles) and select your shipping country. As with our Kickstarter backers, we’ll send out a survey of which camera model you want the new Unleashed for some time in spring, and you can make the final choice shortly before shipping.


Receiving all these mails and requests, we hope and believe this option will make many people happy who just missed the Kickstarter campaign, want their photographer friends to have the Unleashed as well or just want to support us. So have a look at out Indiegogo page and send the link to all your friends who are jealous that you got your Unleashed on Kickstarter and forgot to tell them about it. ;-)

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We made it! Funded on Kickstarter after just 5 days! But what looks like the end, is just the beginning!

Rocket Launch on Kickstarter with the Unleashed

We are literally speechless. After just five days we reached our funding goal on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. This means our next product, the new Unleashed, will definitely go into mass production. A wireless smartphone remote control for DSLRs unlike any other on the market!

After months of hard work we’re so happy and grateful to see that people trust in our products, in us and our vision. We know that our workload won’t subside, but we’re pumped we’ll be able to deliver a remarkable product and make the lives of many photographers around the world easier.

This is why reaching the funding goal isn’t it. We have big plans and are convinced that these first 5 days are just the beginning of a much bigger story. We want to get as many backers as possible to say: “I want to be part of it!” and pledge their support on Kickstarter.

So as a customer, friend or just visitor, we ask you to continue to share the Kickstarter campaign with all your friends and colleagues! Soon we’ll announce our stretch goals: the higher the total sum pledged, the more features we’ll add to the Unleashed.

Stay tuned, subscribe to our newsletter and back us on Kickstarter.

Check out our Kickstarter campaign

Greetings from Berlin

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Bad Elf GPS Pro/Pro+ a perfect partner for the Unleashed

We’ve partnered with Bad Elf to bring you a GPS thats worthy of pairing with our Unleashed!

The GPS Pro and the brand new GPS Pro+ were already great before we got in contact with Bad Elf – they’re MFI compatible, have a display for seeing all the details of your GPS status, they have excellent battery life, and up to 10Hz logging. The GPS Pro+ even supports Glonass as well as GPS, and tops it all off with a barometric altitude sensor. But the best is that we worked together with Bad Elf, to bring excellent new features to the GPS Pro/Pro+ when it’s paired with our Unleashed(s):

  • You can use multiple Unleasheds with a single GPS Pro/Pro+ simultaneously, and/or iOS and Android devices too. up to 5 simultaneous connections are supported!
  • When an Unleashed (or more) is connected, you can use the GPS Pro’s physical buttons to remotely trigger your camera(s) via Bluetooth! – So the GPS Pro is not only a great GPS source for the Unleashed, it’s also a Bluetooth remote!
Bad Elf GPS Pro as Remote trigger Bad Elf GPS Pro+ [foologic-shop-product id=’1004′]