How to scan and shoot using the Entagged?


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Getting Started

Scanning a code with the app

1. Turn on your camera with the Entagged plugged in and make sure your Entagged is paired to your phone.

2. Open the Entagged app. Your phone will automatically reconnect to the Entagged.The small dot next to your Entagged name is turquoise when the Entagged is connected to your phone.

3. In the menu, choose the scan mode. This mode will always automatically be in the foreground once an Entagged is paired.

4. Hold your phone over a 1D or 2D (e.g. QR) code.

5. If a code was found and successfully scanned a yellow frame appears and the code’s number is shown on the screen.

6. If the code was transmitted to the camera successfully the frame of the scan area will turn turquoise. The currently saved code is always at the top box above the scan area.

7. Take a photo (from app or camera) and the code is saved in the photo’s EXIF data: In the comment field on Nikon or in the copyright field on Canon cameras.

8. The last code will be saved in all the photos you take until you scan the next code.

9. If something went wrong a red frame appears. The old code is still saved – displayed at the top. Just scan one more time.

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