I’m having issues with the app using an Android phone

If you are experiencing one of the following issues, you may be dealing with Android-specific problems:

  • Unleashed cannot be found
  • Unleashed is found, but does not pair
  • Unleashed worked before, but suddenly won’t connect.
  • Thumbnails always stop loading at 98-99%.
  • We have had numerous issues with Android, and unfortunately, after all our debugging efforts, we had to conclude that the fault lies with the Android Bluetooth Stack, which is known to have some bugs.

    The issues almost always clear by trying one or more of the following things:

  • turning airplane mode on and off again
  • clearing the phone’s Bluetooth Cache (Settings → Apps → Manage Apps → Bluetooth → Clear Data (very bottom) → Clear Cache/Clear all Data)
  • clearing the Unleashed’s App cache
  • deleting and reinstalling the App
  • Oftentimes, just turning airplane mode on and off again clears up the issues. Other times, you might need to try multiple things on this list. If none of these solve your problem, please get in touch with us at support@foolography.com.

    In the next major update (the release of which is still a few weeks away, though), our Bluetooth API will be drastically reduced our in order to hopefully encounter the bugs in the Android Bluetooth stack less often – we really hope that this eliminates, or at least drastically reduces, the problems.

    Update: we now finally have an Android beta where these bugs are fixed! You can read more about it and on how to join here.

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