Rediscover great photo locations, search and sort photos by position and relive your adventures on a map. Enjoy effortless direct in-camera geotagging with the Unleashed.

  • Direct in-camera geotagging – no work required post-shoot.
  • Incredibly small and light – upgrade your camera’s features without adding extra bulk or weight.
  • Convenient and flexible – use your phone’s location or a dedicated Bluetooth GPS device.

Location is Everything

Ever wish you could recall where you took that awesome photo? The Unleashed will geotag your photos by embedding the location data in the photo’s metadata. Checking your photo’s location is just a click away. Revisiting great photo spots couldn’t be easier, even years later.

Stay organized automatically

The Unleashed’s geotagging gives you an extra way of organizing your photos without additional effort. Imagine you are looking for a specific shot. Often you can’t remember when you were there, but do know where you took it. Quickly find it by simply zooming in on that location in the map view of photo management software like Lightroom or Apple/Google Photos. No more digging through folders or scrolling through timelines.

Relive your vacation on a map

Reminisce about shared adventures or present your holiday photos to your friends and family. Get taken right back to where you captured your most gorgeous shots by seeing them along the route of your travels.


Geotagging Is In Our DNA

Foolography began with geotagging: we’ve been creating elegant geotagging solutions for digital cameras since 2009. We’ve thought of the smallest details and optimized all edge-cases for the smoothest possible experience. It’s these details that will make the Unleashed your favorite geotagging solution:

Direct In-camera Geotagging

The Unleashed embeds the exact locations in each photo, the moment you press the shutter. No work required post-shoot. No need to upgrade your camera for built-in GPS.

Incredibly Small And Light

The Unleashed is tiny and unobstrusive. Designed to stay on your camera at all times, it never gets in your way while shooting. You can even leave it plugged in while packing it into your bag. No more bulky accessories. No annoying, long cables and your hot shoe stays free.
It’s almost as invisible as built-in GPS, but comes with greater flexibility.

Reliable And Always Ready

The Unleashed doesn’t need charging so it’s never out of battery. It’s powered by your camera battery, but thanks to Bluetooth Low Energy, the power use is negligible. It stays connected in the background so it’s always ready to geotag your photos immediately. Shoot as you always do – geotag photos when triggering both from the app or your camera, even with your phone in your pocket.

To make sure all your photos are geotagged, the Unleashed remembers the last known location. It keeps using this when you temporarily lose signal for up to 30 minutes by default. You’re free to adjust this setting to your needs – make it shorter for when you’re travelling fast, or longer for a museum visit indoors.

A glance at the Unleashed’s LED is enough to assure yourself that your photos are being tagged. It will notify you if something’s up and you can check the app for details and how to alleviate any issues.

Use external Bluetooth GPS devices with the Unleashed

For geotagging, the Unleashed conveniently uses your phone’s location by default. Choose GPS accuracy in the app settings, depending on your needs.
If you need even higher precision, you can pair an external GPS receiver directly with the Unleashed. Leave your phone at home or set it as the fall-back option. The compatible GPS receivers are:

  • Holux M-241 Plus
  • QStarz BL-1000ST
  • QStarz BL-1000GT
  • QStarz BL-818GT
  • Transystem GL-770

With the physical button on Qstarz receivers, you can even trigger your camera remotely.