Astrophotography, Star Trails, Light Painting – Without Limits

Go beyond camera limitations

Capture starry night skies, light paintings and vibrant city nights with precision and ease. At night or when using ND-filters, with the Unleashed you can set up any long exposure in a snap.

  • Long exposures up to 4.5 hours – adjust shutter speed in convenient 1/3-stop steps.
  • Automatic ND-filter setting – app will automatically adjust exposure time based on ND filter strength.
  • Incredibly small and light – upgrade your camera’s features without adding bulk or weight.

Stellar Astrophotography

Bring out unseen details in the night sky. Take brilliant starry sky photos, awe-inspiring milkyway shots, and vivid deep space images. With the Unleashed you can easily take multiple exposures for stacking in post or shoot ultra-long exposures in combination with a star tracker.

best in class star trails

The Unleashed’s intervalometer is the only one that lets you shoot back-to-back long exposures, minimizing the gaps in the trails.

Creative Light painting – Your Way

Trigger, review your shots and adjust settings all while staying in position – without needing an assistant. Go beyond 30 seconds and shoot as long as it takes to complete your artwork.

Smooth Water, Soft Clouds

Capture striking landscape shots with the Unleashed and ND-filters. Long exposure times smooth out moving water and clouds for beautifully serene images.

Hassle-Free ND-Filter Photography

ND-filters are a must for next-level daytime long-exposures – but getting the calculations right can take the fun out of shooting. The Unleashed’s ND-filter setting does the math and even automatically adjusts the exposure time for you when you add and remove filters. Your creative vision shifts back into the foreground and the process couldn’t be simpler:

    1. Compose, frame and set your desired exposure.
    2. Attach your ND-filter and choose the filter strength in the app.
    3. The Unleashed automatically adjusts the exposure time. Just take the shot!

The beauty of
Long exposures
awaits you.