In high volume photography markets, associating people with their photos and giving customers quick access to them can be difficult and tedious work. The Barcode Edition with its barcode scanner and Bluetooth module for DSLRs changes that and provides the opportunity for an easy, automated and efficient workflow.

As easy as pressing the shutter.

Using the Barcode Edition couldn’t be easier. Whether you’re in school photography, event photography or product photography, this camera accessory will save you time and money and bring customer relations to a new level.



Scan a barcode or RFID tag



Take photos



Code is stored in the photos’ metadata

The workflow for an event photographer:

  1. Has a stack of cards prepared with random barcodes.
  2. Wants to take a photo of a person.
  3. Takes a new barcode-card and scans the code with the wireless scanner.
  4. Takes a photo of the person.
  5. Gives the barcode-card to the person.
  6. Uploads the photos from this day to his website.
  7. The person follows instructions on the card and types in the barcode number to see, share or order his specific photos.

(This is one way how an event photographer could work with the Barcode Edition.)

The workflow for a school photographer:

  1. Has a setup in school.
  2. The student enters with an envelope containing an order form with his school-ID as a barcode and the different packages to be ordered.
  3. Takes the envelope and scans the school-ID and barcodes for all the marked packages with the wireless scanner.
  4. Takes photos of the student.
  5. Sends all photos to the lab.
  6. The lab fulfills all ordered packages sorted by student.

(This is one way how a school photographer could work with the Barcode Edition.)

The workflow for a cruise ship photographer:

  1. Scans the RFID bracelets of every family member with the wireless RFID scanner.
  2. Takes photos.
  3. Loads all photos into the cruise ship photography software.
  4. The family can log in into the cruise ship website and buy their photos.

(This is one way how a cruise ship photographer could work with the Barcode Edition.)

Barcodes. Many kinds and Many styles.

Supports multiple barcodes.

In family or group shots it is sometimes necessary to associate the photos to the individuals instead of the group. For this, the Barcode Edition lets you scan up to 6 barcodes that all saved in the photo’s metadata.

Supports numeric and alphanumeric barcodes.

The Barcode Edition works with various types of barcodes. Either you want to use a system already in place, for example for ticketing, or you want roll out your own – the Barcode Edition adapts to your requirements

Supports 1D, 2D, RFID.

The Barcode Edition is available in three different versions supporting 1D barcodes, 2D codes (QR-codes) and even for RFID codes. Each version comes with a different scanner. You choose which fits perfectly for your unique use-case.

Software independent. Integrate it with yours.

The Barcode Edition saves barcode numbers into the photo’s EXIF data. That way information can’t get lost when transferring photos between hard drives, software and platforms. In order to extract and work with the barcode numbers from the photos, we will provide you with detailed developer information. You can easily implement support for our solution in your own software or make use of a simple script that adds the barcode number to the image file name. There’s also third party software and services with built-in support for the Barcode Edition.

We Make Quality A Feature.

As a company, investment is a serious topic. As a photographer, the right equipment is the bread and butter of the trade. We at foolography understand both sides and want to provide high quality, long lasting products that exceed our customers’ expectations. All of our Barcode Editions are completely ‘Made in Germany’ and are sent to you Berlin, where our company is based. Before leaving the headquarters every Barcode Edition goes through several testing and quality checks. We are convinced the Barcode Edition is an investment that impresses not just with its function but also its manufacturing.

Become part of the revolution.

Improve your volume photography workflow. Automatically associate people and products with their photos in the easiest and most convenient way you can imagine.

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