Tagging photos with barcodes has been done for years in various areas of photography. Tethering both camera and scanner to a PC might have done its job, but does not adapt to the way professional photographers work today. Wired solutions by Fujifilm were discontinued years ago. The Barcode Edition was developed by photographers for photographers and allows wireless barcode scanning for any Nikon DSLR.



In order to use the Barcode Edition no firmware upgrade of your camera is necessary. Just turn on the scanner, plug in the Bluetooth module and you’re good to go. The scanner and module are paired before delivery and connect automatically when turned on.


Direct embedding.

All barcode data is saved into the photo’s EXIF data the instant you press the shutter. To make this happen, the Barcode Edition repurposes the GPS EXIF fields and spreads the barcode over different fields. You can even check if the barcode got embedded properly in camera.


Reliable connection.

The module on the camera and the scanner connect via Bluetooth. Enjoy a reliable connection without the restrictions of a tether so you can fully concentrate on taking photos.

Become part of the revolution.

Improve your volume photography workflow. Automatically associate people and products with their photos in the easiest and most convenient way you can imagine.

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