Canon Adapter Set

20.00  incl. VAT

A set of short usb-cables/adapters to use the Unleashed C1 or Entagged C1 on Canon cameras with incompatible socket layouts.

New, directly compatible models out now!


A set of adapters or adapter cables to connect the Unleashed C1 or Entagged C1 to a Canon camera with a socket layout that is not directly compatible with the C1 or C2 models.

The sets fit the following cameras:

  • USB-C + HDMI-C: Canon EOS R, RP, Ra & 1Dx Mk III
  • USB-C + HDMI-D: Canon EOS R5, R6 & R7
  • Micro-USB + HDMI-C: Canon 7D Mk II, 90D, 200 II, 250D & 850D
  • Mini-USB + HDMI-C: Canon 1Dx, 50D & 70D
  • Note: this adapter set is only necessary if you have a C1 or C2 that you want to use on incompatible Canons. The new Unleashed M and Entagged M are compatible without the help of adapters.


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