Mesmerizing clouds, crowd & sunsets – with any camera


Timelapses are simply awe-inspiring to watch and incredibly rewarding to create. But until now, getting the results you envisioned involved a steep learning curve and complicated setups. The Unleashed makes setting up any timelapse a breeze, whether simple or advanced.

  • “Holy Grail” day-to-night transitions – automatically ramps shutter speed, aperture, ISO and interval.
  • Minimal set up for pro results – full-featured, yet incredibly small, light and power-efficient.
  • Smart, reliable hardware – Unleashed keeps controlling camera, even with app closed or disconnected.
  • Motion controllers – synchronised wirelessly with the Unleashed.

Pro Timelapses at a tap

The Unleashed is as portable as it is powerful. It’s always on your camera, so you’re always ready. You’ll never want to use another intervalometer again.

  • Effortless, intuitive setup – complete control in the palm of your hand, with an app so easy to use you’ll get pro results from the start.
  • Never miss a great opportunity – get great timelapses even when shooting spontaneously. With the Unleashed, you have all you need, always with you.
  • Shoot beyond your comfort zone while you stay inside – keep full control from the comfort of your house, tent, or car.

Timelapse by Hudson Henry

The Ultimate Timelapse Tool

As easy as it gets

1. Frame your shot and open our app.
2. Choose interval and shooting time or go with the defaults.
3. Hit start – it’s that easy!

Timelapses without guesswork

Set interval and shooting time and see the number of shots the Unleashed will take, as well as the resulting clip length at your chosen frame rate. Or adjust any other parameter combination and the rest will be calculated accordingly.

Smart Hardware – Pretty App

The Unleashed itself controls the camera, not the app. After you set up and start your timelapse, you can close the app, turn off Bluetooth or go out of range and the Unleashed will keep controlling the camera. Even while disconnected, you can keep an eye on the progress in the app. When you’re back in range, the Unleashed will reconnect automatically without missing a beat.


Your next sunset timelapse will be a success, guaranteed. No laptop or bulky controllers needed.

For “Holy Grail” timelapses, the Unleashed creates smooth day-to-night transitions by adjusting exposure settings continuously and consistently in changing light. It ramps the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, ISO using one of multiple algorithms (incl. by LRTimelapse) for spectacular daylight to Milky Way transitions.

The Ultimate Timelapse Tool

Flexible intervals

When exposure times get longer, the Unleashed can optionally start increasing the interval so you don’t miss any shots when the exposure time exceeds the shooting interval. This lets you shoot perfect day-to-night timelapses with a nice short interval during the day and up to 30 second exposures for starry nights.

In Sync with motion controllers

Motion takes your timelapses to another level. The Unleashed knows exactly when a shot ends, so it can tell motion controllers to move with perfect timing, minimizing vibrations. This works wirelessly with selected manufacturers (Black Forest Motion PINE and Syrp controllers already supported, more brands to follow). Any other motion controllers that trigger the camera will also work, with the Unleashed set to external intervalometer.

External Intervalometer

If you really want to keep using your favorite intervalometer, like the LRT Pro Timer, or have a complex motion control setup, autoramping will still work. Your other device triggers the camera, while the Unleashed handles the algorithm calculations and adjusts camera settings.

Month-long Durations

Have a long-term timelapse in mind? With the Unleashed you can set intervals of up to 24h and shooting times up to 365 days!

On long intervals camera communication is turned off whenever possible to reduce power usage, so you can even shoot long-term timelapses with a single camera battery. To get everything ready, the Unleashed wakes up the camera just before the actual interval and reestablishes communication. This maintains precise timing from shot to shot.

Month-long Durations

For the smoothest motion blur in your timelapses you want the longest possible shutter speed per interval – but most intervalometers block the camera for a long dark time. The Unleashed reduces this dark time to the absolute minimum and gives you the maximum time to check results and make adjustments in between shots.

Read how in the detail section below.

Long exposure timelapses with ND-filters

For stunning timelapses of starry skies or flowing water, you can combine the Unleashed’s long exposure and timelapse features.
The ND filter setting automatically adjusts shutter speed for you when you add or remove ND filters between two shots. The autoramping algorithms take this into account automatically, and won’t miss a beat!

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Timelapse by Hudson Henry


German engineering: refined to the very last detail.

The Unleashed is Made in Germany and lives up to the expectations: to help you capture the most stunning timelapses, we’ve thought through the smallest details and optimized all edge-cases for the smoothest possible experience. It’s these details that will make the Unleashed your favorite piece of kit when it comes to shooting timelapses.

Real Exposure Ramping

Other tools rely on bulb-ramping, where the shutter button is held for increasing periods of time according to a fixed curve. The Unleashed is not limited to this, but can actually ramp the camera’s shutter speed, aperture, ISO and interval length, with the added benefit of the adjustments being dynamic. We’ve implemented several algorithms for this in the Unleashed. Choose between our EV-meter based ones or the image histogram based LRTimelapse algorithms. For sunsets, shutter speed, then aperture, then ISO are ramped down to the limits you set for each setting, in the smallest increments possible. For sunrises, the settings are ramped in reverse order for the best possible image quality. You can even change this order if you want – you’re in control.
So as not to overwhelm you, we give you suitable defaults for great results from the start, but you have full control over every setting, if you want. Should you find the algorithm leaning towards over- or underexposure, you can easily make manual adjustments mid-timelapse. The Unleashed will incorporate these over the next few shots to avoid jumps in the exposure.

Foolproof And Fail-Safe

Precise timing, complex auto-ramping calculations and camera adjustments are handled by the Unleashed itself, not the app. So once you start the timelapse, the Unleashed keeps controlling the camera when you close the app or lose Bluetooth connectivity. The Unleashed even establishes a separate, direct Bluetooth connection to motion controllers, making their synchronization independent from your phone. You can open the app and reconnect at any time to see the current progress or make manual adjustments. No need to worry – reconnecting won’t affect your running timelapse in any way.
When your camera’s battery level goes below 1% or when you turn off the camera, the Unleashed pauses the timelapse and saves the current state. It will restart where you left off when you turn it on again or tap continue in the app, so battery changes during timelapses are easy and hassle-free.

Exceptionally Short Dark-Time

Regular intervalometers tend to have unnecessarily long autofocusing and hold times. The autofocusing time is how long the shutter button is half-pressed before the interval. The hold time is how long it is fully pressed and held on each interval. These times need to be long enough to ensure a photo is taken, with or without autofocus. So to be on the safe side, intervalometers usually half-press, then press and hold for way too long. This results in unwanted “dark-time” between shots where nothing useful happens, but you’re still blocked from viewing the photos or making adjustments. Some more advanced intervalometers allow you to change the hold time, but this puts the burden on you to find the shortest possible but longest necessary time that will consistently work with your camera. The Unleashed knows the camera’s shutter speed, whether it’s set to autofocus, and exactly when the shutter opens and closes. So it will only half-press if necessary and can stop holding the shutter button the instant the camera has started the shot, leading to the absolute minimal dark-time for every camera.

Geotagging Timelapses

When geotagging timelapses, the Unleashed makes sure the camera has fresh GPS data before each shot is taken. Should you lose connection to your GPS device or smartphone, it will continue to save the last known position for the entire duration of the timelapse. We figured that you’re either going to remain stationary, or if not, will make sure to take your GPS with you. To maintain precise timing on very short intervals, if needed, the Unleashed disables certain features that might slow it down. For example if geotagging is on, we still make sure the first shot has GPS data, but if necessary turn it off for the rest of the timelapse. This way you can use the first photo’s location to getoag the resulting timelapse.