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Can I tether while using the Entagged?

Nikon cameras

If you only need tethering to see the photo on a big screen, you can definitely still do that with the Entagged plugged in! It plugs into the accessory port and the accompanying small cable plugs into the USB port, so your HDMI will stay free for the screen.

Canon cameras

If you want to tether wirelessly you can do so with the following cameras and WiFi adapters from Canon:

  • 7D+WFT-E5 (confirmed by customer)
  • 1Dx/C + LAN (adapter cables necessary for Entagged)
  • 1Dx/C + WFT-E6(B) (adapter cables necessary for Entagged)
  • 1Dx Mark II + WFT-E8 (confirmed by customer)
  • 1Dx Mark III + WFT-E9
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