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Can I tether while using the Entagged?

Nikon cameras

In many cases the Entagged eliminates the need for tethering if you still want to view your images on a larger screen, this is still possible with the Entagged plugged in! It plugs into the accessory port and its cable plugs into the USB port, so your HDMI will stay free for tethering to screen.

Canon, Sony and Fujifilm cameras

On these brands, the Entagged plugs into the HDMI and USB port. You can split the HDMI port to tether to a screen with a simple HDMI splitter. These usually come in the size HDMI-A so you will want to add HDMI-A cable to your order, if your camera has a different size port.

If you want to tether wirelessly you can do so with the following cameras and WiFi adapters from Canon:

  • 7D+WFT-E5 (confirmed by customer)
  • 1Dx/C + LAN (adapter cables necessary for Entagged)
  • 1Dx/C + WFT-E6(B) (adapter cables necessary for Entagged)
  • 1Dx Mark II + WFT-E8 (confirmed by customer)
  • 1Dx Mark III + WFT-E9
  • In summary, if you only want to shoot tethered because you need a bigger screen to check lighting, focus and composition, this is possible by splitting the HDMI port. The Entagged needs both ports to function and splitting the USB port is not an option (no codes would be written into the metadata), but splitting the HDMI port is.

    If however you need to tether to Capture One for other functions (such as making photo picks on shoot), then you may need to look into other solutions.

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