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Can the Entagged rename files names (e.g. to student names)?

Once you scan a barcode or QR code or tap on a name in the Name List, the Entagged embeds that code into the metadata of the following photos. By default, it doesn’t rename or edit file names in any way – but if this is something you need for your workflow, there is a work-around. To do this, you can use a script to rename the files to the code embedded in the metadata.

If, for example, you want the file names to be the names of the students you’re photographing, use the student names as „codes“. The Entagged will write the student name into the metadata, then the script will rename the files to the student names. You can do the same thing with their student ID as well.

Sample photos for testing the script on both Canon and Nikon are available here.

The script that will rename your image filenames according to the code in the metadata can be found here.

In the zip file with the script, there is a file called instructions.txt as well as a usage.mov video file so you can see how easy it is to use. The script is not meant as a production software, but you can judge if it works well enough for you. Instead it’s meant as a starting point for a developer to develop custom software. It’s very easy to edit the script – it’s well commented so you can easily change some options on how the files should be renamed.

Please reach out to support@foolography.com if you require any further assistance.

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