For articles in print or online, foolography provides the following high resolution files for download:

unleashed_d200+_on_d300_with_detail.png unleashed_d200+_on_d300_with_detail.png
(ca 4000×4000px transparent 24bit png – 10MB)
(ca 4000x4000px Photoshop CS3 with layers – 29MB)
unleashed_dx000_on_d5000_with_detail unleashed_dx000_on_d5000_with_detail.png
(ca 4000x4000px transparent 24bit png – 9MB)
(ca 4000x4000px Photoshop CS3 with layers – 30MB)
unleashed_d90_on_d90_with_detail unleashed_d90_on_d90_with_detail.png
(ca 4000×4000px transparent 24bit png – 9MB)
(ca 4000x4000px Photoshop CS3 with layers – 26MB)
unleashed_d200+_detail.png unleashed_d200+_detail.png
(6000x1100px transparent 24bit png – 6.3MB)
(6000x1100px photoshop CS3 with layers – 23 MB)
unleashed_dx000-detail unleashed_dx000-detail.png
(5000x2500px transparent 24bit png – 8MB)
(5000x2500px photoshop CS3 with layers – 31 MB)
unleashed_d90-detail unleashed_d90-detail.png
(5000x2500px transparent 24bit png – 8MB)
(5000x2500px photoshop CS3 with layers – 31 MB)

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