foolography was started by Oliver Perialis as a one-man company, producing photographic accessories.

About Oliver: Although I am based in Wiesbaden, Germany, where the company is also registered, I grew up in Tanzania, East Africa and travel the globe a lot. I studied Computer Sciences at the Technical University of Darmstadt and have a Diploma (German degree comparable to a Masters) in Informatik. Though the current line of products have little to do with my education, I am working on software products I will make available in the future. Pursuing photography as my hobby, as well as my constant desire for unique gadgets spawned this company: foolography.

As time moved on, the company has evolved and more people are getting involved to get the work done. We have gathered a group of experts in their fields and together we strive to create photographic products that exceed what the market offers sofar.


Ideas for products usually arise from own needs or wishes and the lack of a product on the market to fulfill these. The products go through several prototyping stages and lots of testing. The consultation of professionals, the delegation of delicate tasks to reputable firms and high levels of quality control ensure a top quality of the final products.