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The UNLEASHED ’18 is a tiny Bluetooth module that plugs directly into your camera, blending perfectly into its design. It adds amazing features and gives you full control over your camera from your smartphone. The free app is available for iOS & Android.

This is NOT the Unleashed ’22 — order that version here.

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Choose your model below, see full compatibility list here.

If your camera is not compatible with the Unleashed ’18, check out the extensive compatibility list of the new Unleashed ’22.


Smart camera control for Canon and Nikon


  • Full control: Change all settings remotely
  • Long exposures up to 4.6 hours
  • Timelapses with advanced exposure ramping
  • Start and stop video and trigger remotely
  • Image review: see thumbnails in app
  • Geotagging
  • Control 6 cameras at once


  • Tiny, light and unobtrusive Bluetooth module that plugs into your camera
  • Free, intuitive and easy to use app
  • Plug and Play
  • Quick and reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connection
  • Permanent connection & automatic reconnection when camera is on & in range
  • No need to charge: unnoticeable use of camera battery
  • Bluetooth range up to 40m (tested with iPhone 6s & Unleashed N1 without obstacles)
  • Made in Germany


  • Size & weight:
    • C1/C2: 13.7 x 35.2 x 5.5mm, 3.5g
    • N1/N2: 13.7 x 16 x 5.2mm, 2g
  • Bluetooth version: 4.2 (Low Energy)
  • Sockets used:
    • C1: Micro-USB & HDMI
    • C2: Mini-USB & HDMI
    • N1: Round 10-pin Accessory Terminal *
    • N2: Square 10-pin Accessory Terminal *
    • N1/N2 Cable: * Optional – for some features:
      • Mini-USB
      • Micro-USB (also fits Micro USB 3.0)
      • 8P USB
      • USB-C
  • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
  • Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
  • Contains FCC ID: 2AAQS-ISP1507
  • Contains IC ID: 11306A-ISP1507

360 reviews for UNLEASHED ’18

  1. Eric French

    I’ve been using my Unleashed (18) with adapters on my Canon R5 for a few weeks now and I’m so excited for the new version to come out!! Can’t wait to get my hands on it, the flexible intervals will be a game changer for my timelapse work!

  2. Lewis

    Love it for hands-off geotagging. Haven’t used it for much more so I can’t comment on its other features but it seems to have many options.

  3. Henry L.

    I’ve had a lot more success using this remote with my Z6 than I’ve had with Snapbridge. It pairs quickly and I never worry about the connection. The only thing I miss from snapbridge, when I managed to get it working properly, is the live-view. But I rarely have my camera set up far away from me anyway. I’ve managed well enough without it so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable wireless remote solution.

  4. Jeffrey Foss

    My Unleashed lives permanently on my Z7 on the inside of my L-bracket. It’s such a handy piece of kit, I can’t recommend it highly enough!

  5. Marc Capell

    Pairs quite reliably, some days are faster than others. I appreciate the recent big update, it’s nice to see the consistent effort going into this product over the years that I’ve been using my Unleashed.

  6. Andy

    I’ve been taking time lapses manually up until now and I couldn’t believe how crazy simple it is with this remote! Only wish I could use it on my other camera as well. I’ll be getting a new one whenever I upgrade my camera. Completely worth the investment!

  7. Stanley

    The Unleashed is amazing for timelapses, but when I’m shooting long exposures I sometimes wish it had live-view so I wouldn’t have to get my feet wet when checking results (when I have the camera in a stream or on the beach etc.). I hear the new version will have a better image review feature so I’m eagerly awaiting the reviews for that!

  8. Alex

    My pre-order took a while to arrive, hence the 4 stars, but other than that I’ve been very satisfied with my purchase. It’s become an indispensable tool for geotagging and shooting timelapses on the go.

  9. Warren

    Love that I no longer have to adjust settings manually for day to night timelapses. it really makes the process much less of a hassle. After a few tests, I can trust that the Unleashed will do it better than I can. I look forward to shooting more with it.

  10. Sean

    I had a small issue where it was losing the connection sometimes randomly, apparently an Android thing. Now after the big 2.0 update it’s a true 5 star worthy device! Fast, reliable and a daily companion for my camera.

  11. Michael I.

    Delivery of my preorder took quite a while but I guess that’s to be expected in these times. I’ve tested it a few times since it arrived and I’m impressed with its performance so far. Looking forward to trying it out in the field!

  12. Yulia

    I’ll have to dock a point because my order took too long to arrive, even if it was clear that it was a pre-order. Can’t complain about the device though. It does everything it should flawlessly.

  13. Chris B.

    I haven’t quite fully figured out the autoramping feature yet but from my first tests I can tell this is a very powerful little tool for timelapses! Only thing missing for my taste is a preview of the timelapses while you’re shooting it. I think I’ll be using this handy little tool a lot in the future!

  14. Zahid

    Overall a very solid and versatile device. You can choose whether you want to use it solely for geotagging or in a more hands-on way. I personally haven’t tried the timelapse feature yet so I can’t give a review on that. But everything else has worked very well. I don’t notice any impact on my battery either. Wish it had live-view but I guess you can’t pack everything into such a tiny device.

  15. AL

    I had never heard of this brand or product before but decided to give it a try despite my initial skepticism. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised! It has become a permanent part of my gear now and lives on my D850. It has forever replaced my cabled shutter release and intervalometer and, since it’s so easy, I’ve started geotagging all my photos now too. (Didn’t care too much about that in the past.) I definitely don’t regret my purchase and have recommended it to my photography buddies already.

  16. Vicky

    I was so happy to receive my N2 pre-order after waiting since June! I had a small bug with the photo preview but support promptly fixed this by inviting me to their beta program. Feels good to support a company that shows such care and dedication. Keep it up, I love my Unleashed!

  17. Jim B. Portman

    I was skeptical of the “get more out your camera” claim but now after using it a few times I think I can see how that’s true. You really can do more complex things (like star trails and other super long exposures) a lot more easily and the convenient access to all settings generally makes shooting a lot more fun. I give it a full 5 stars for that!

  18. Ying

    Finally received this little gadget after a couple months long wait. It felt like it took forever but I think it was honestly worth it. Both the build quality and the usability of the app are outstanding (especially when comparing to camera connect and the like). I’m also very happy with the simplicity of geotagging with the Unleashed. After pairing, you really don’t need your phone anymore! All in all, I’m very satisfied and think I’ll get a whole lot of use out of it.

  19. Fredric

    My Unleashed has worked well for me so far. It performs all its features flawlessly.

  20. Janette

    I had to wait much longer for my pre-order than I was comfortable with. If it’s more than a month then I find you should consider to postpone selling the product. It’s a great device no doubt but the waiting time really wore down my enthusiasm for it.

  21. Hailey

    I love my Unleashed! It’s my favorite photo gadget now and has really helped me get to know my camera better in the last few months (even though I’m touching it less haha!). Fantastic product, guys!

  22. Jason

    It’s no exaggeration to say that this device has really brought my photography to a new level. I can finally make the shots happen just as I envision and boy is that satisfying! Nothing more frustrating than losing out of the perfect conditions because you’re stuck fiddling in your camera menu. I’m so glad I came across this (so far) little known gem of a remote. I’m surprised that there isn’t much out there in the form of reviews etc. as this thing surely deserves it!

  23. Ali

    Was not successful with Camera connect from Canon in the past so I decided to give the Unleashed a try. So far I’m a lot more satisfied with the overall useability of it, but sometimes I do miss the live-view feature. Geotagging is a real joy with this thing though! I think it’s worth giving it a try if you happen to be struggling with those free apps (there seems to be a reason they’re free…).

  24. Walt P.

    Satisfied with my purchase, it does it’s job well as a remote release and geotagger on my old Nikon. Haven’t tried my hand at a time lapse or anything more complex yet but perhaps sometime in the future. I imagine with this tool it will be easier than without. It plugs in very tightly so I’m not worried about it falling out on its own and it also fits with my L-bracket. Overall, it seems well-designed both hardware and software-wise.

  25. Valentina

    As others have already said, live-view is the only thing missing to make this the perfect photography tool for me. Curious to see if this will be possible in the future. All the other features work great btw!

  26. Jerry Hoffman

    I just got my Unleashed recently and completely fell in love with it! It’s a real joy to use and you can tell a lot of thought went into developing it. Highly recommend it for night photography!

  27. Daniel Ng

    I had to wait weeks for my pre-order as it kept being delayed. I don’t know much of that was on the company, with the pandemic and everything, but it was quite frustrating. A few weeks ago it finally arrived and has been working as described. I wanted to buy another one for my new Z5 but now it’s also sold out, so I’ll probably just wait until it really comes back in stock again.

  28. Yanis V.

    Would have loved for it to have live-view but otherwise I am completely satisfied.

  29. Rick

    Had to wait quite a while to receive my pre-order but I think it was worth the wait. Everything works as described and it’s been a nice helper so far (especially for my long exposure shots).

  30. Tom Ericson

    Love this tiny add-on to my D5, it adds a lot more than its size gives away. You don’t even notice the battery consumption, so the fact that it never needs charging is a huge bonus to me!

  31. Dan M.

    Glad I stumbled across this convenient little (!) gadget. It’s been quite easy to use so far – though I’m not from the same generation as the developers so I couldn’t always figure out every single feature without instructions. But the tutorial videos have been helpful in these instances, and I’ve been able to shoot some very nice timelapses already. All in all, a good purchase!

  32. Killian

    Great little gadget, I recommend it especially if you’re trying to get into shooting timelapses

  33. James

    Was a little sceptical if this would really be better than the Canon app, but I was very pleasantly surprised! It really IS much more reliable and intuitive and I could never go back to canon’s app anymore. Of course, the price is a big step up from free but the quality is too. Major props to your devs!

  34. Mark Fisher

    Super simple setup! Awesome for timelapses, but please add some way to view the timelapse during the shoot…

  35. Larry Carlson

    the shipping took some time but it was worth the wait :) the only thing is missing are high quality previews. Support is quick and answers any question, very friendly (and still human, no chatbots there ;)

  36. Victor

    Love that with the Unleashed I can use both my old Canon 5D mk3 together with my mk4 in just one app!

  37. Timothy Kirby

    Had to wait quite a while for shipping, a little frustrating because I missed some great weather conditions. Now I’ll have to wait again. Looking forward to using it though. First tests went smoothly.

  38. Walter

    The Unleashed is really awesome! Everything works perfectly, only the low resolution thumbnail previews cost it one star.

  39. Olaf N

    In general, the app works well. However, sometimes the connection is not stable as expected. Heard from support this is because of Android so I’m hoping this will go away in the future.

  40. Jay p.

    I just got the unleashed today (after a bit of a wait). What a remarkable little gadget! It won’t be leaving my camera any time soon.

  41. Al Johnson

    The unleased is easy to use. Working perfectly on my D850 and Z6. My only gripe is that I needed to get 2 different ones because of the different plugs, but that’s more Nikons fault I guess.

  42. Levin

    Pretty neat little device. Saw the ad on instagram and so far it works quite well. I can see myself using this a fair bit in the future. Thinking of switching to Sony soon though, so I hope they’ll finally release that version soon.

  43. Robin J

    Great product, been using it for quite a while, but if I recall correctly there was a promised application for the Apple Watch during the Kickstarter campaign. When will that happen? Hope you haven’t given up on that idea yet

  44. Laura Wood

    I’m always a little weary about ordering from so far away but this time it was definitely worth it! I love it and will keep it!

  45. Jeff

    Finally!! I’ve been looking for something like this for years! I don’t understand while all similar products always have a battery. One of my favourite features of this little Unleashed thing is that it doesn’t need charging. That really sets it apart for me. Great work you guys!

  46. Tara

    Love it!

  47. Walt

    Very happy with the product, very responsive and intuitive app too. I don’t give 5 stars because I think the power consumption could be better

  48. Daniel Warren

    I was sure it was going to have live view (like camera connect) but sadly it doesn’t.. too much of a hassle to send it back from the US to Germany so I’ll just try to make the most of it. The price luckily wasn’t too bad anyway.

  49. Ally

    Love that with the Unleashed I can use both my old Canon 5D mk3 together with my mk4 in one app!

  50. Charly

    I have no idea how you guys managed to pack all those features into such a tiny device!? You’ve got a fan here. (P.S. my crazy brother thought it would be a good idea to order a christmas present from the other side of the world – lucky that I like it ha!) Greetings from Australia!

  51. Jacob

    When filming for youtube I sometimes need to set up my camera sometimes in places that I can’t see the screen anymore. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have live-view, but I can take a picture remotely and download a thumbnail and does the trick quite well, even in the low res. Not sure this is what it was mainly meant for but I’m quite satisfied with it so far!

  52. Geoffrey

    The Unleashed is really awesome! Everything is perfect, only the low resolution previews cost it one star. Heard they are working on it already tho

  53. Rick

    Had some connection issues at first but the prompt support answer was that this is Android related. Frustrating as that’s out of the developer’s control apparantly.. Hope this fixed soon. Keep up the good work anyway.

  54. Erin

    Just what I needed. Works smoothly and flawlessly, have had no trouble so far. Would probably also make a good Christmas present for a photography buddy, although it might be a bit pricey for that.

  55. Alex

    Very happy with the product, very responsive and intuitive app too. I don’t give 5 stars because I think the power consumption could be better

  56. Scott Prescot

    The bluetooth module is really small, I haven’t removed it since I got it :) It connects to the phone almost instantly and you can trigger the camera within seconds. So it’s working just as described!

  57. Lucas

    Works great, but a bit hard to pull out of the camera. I’ll try not to do that too much, hope it won’t damage anything. All functions work as they should, though, so other than that I’m happy.

  58. Steph

    Honestly, I didn’t expect it to be so tiny, I was convinced it was missing from the package when I opened it! Had a humorous exchange with support about that. SO guys, yes, it’s really just that tiny little plug thing, that’s it! :D Everything works great btw

  59. Jaimey

    Pretty neat little device. Saw the ad on instagram and so far it works quite well. I can see myself using this a fair bit in the future.

  60. Kenneth W.

    Great product, I was surprised that it actually works on my old Nikon D5100. Now finally I can control it from my phone without lugging around a bunch of cables. Very happy with my purchase. – Ken

  61. Peter

    I am using the original UNLEASHED for many years now with my Nikon D90 and later with D7100. It is so small that it really does not hinder me working with the cameras. No cables, no worries.
    I sometimes wish I would have gotten one earlier, when looking at old photos without knowing the exact location I took them.

  62. Gregory

    Shipment of my preorder took 2 weeks longer than expected and support takes a while to answer, but is friendly… The product works fine.

  63. Stuart Castele

    Interesting idea. Thought it already existed and I found some other similar products. Decided to give this one a go. I find it quite handy that it’s so tiny, sure hope I don’t lose it though. It doesn’t come with any pouch or container for storage. Apparently you can leave it on the camera at all times except in rain. We’ll see how it holds up, so far I am liking it.

  64. John P.

    I want to share the photos directly on facebook adn whatsapp, but I can’t find the button for that

  65. Andre

    This little remote is perfect for my purposes (timelapses and milkyway photography). I also really like that I never have to remember to charge it. It’s so small I would have probably misplaced it already if I constantly had to remove it.

  66. Cal

    Ordered on Wednesday, went shooting with it on the weekend. THanks for the super speedy delivery, it works just as described!

  67. Mike Willis

    Very well designed device and app. I really recmmend it if you’re into night photography, timelapses, long exposures.. It can always come in handy!

  68. Pete

    Awesome remote, no complaints here!!

  69. Charlie

    Had some issues with getting it to update, but support offered quick help. Now it works perfectly, but I’ll still give it 4 stars for the little struggle I had.

  70. Nick

    Love using the unleashed for my timelapse work. It really makes things a lot quicker and easier.

  71. Dianne P.

    This is a really great device. Lets you change soo many features (more than I realistically need), is tiny, doesn’t need charging. Don’t know why other similar options are so much bigger. Love the Unleashed!

  72. Eric

    No more cables, super easy to pair and reconnects in a snap. No sure why I waited so long, but it’s a massive upgrade to my previous setup. No more vibrations either, makes for some super sharp shots.

  73. Alan

    doesn’t have live-view, but the fact that it doesn’t need charging makes up for that. Works like a charm!

  74. Justin Nguyen

    Got to try out my brother’s and just knew i had to get my own. Best investment in my kit in a while!

  75. William J

    Super convenient little trigger. I just leave it on my camera at all times, hasn’t fallen out once so far. It’s been a great tool for my past few trips.

  76. anthony

    Took way longer than expected to arrive. Works well though

  77. Carlo

    Finally decided to pull the trigger on getting this and it was totally worth it.

  78. Richard

    Just got into timelapse shooting and was a bit intimidated by the thought of doing it manually. Really glad I happened to find this remote! I’m still getting the hang of it but it’s been a great help so far!

  79. Frank Miller

    Highly recommend this trigger, finally i can remote control even my older canon with my phone

  80. Ian Cooper

    Wish that shipping wasn’t so expensive, but I guess there’s no other way at the moment. Love the remote trigger though!

  81. Joseph M

    So happy I chose the Unleashed, love that it doesn’t need charging so I can leave it on my camera all the time. It’s just crazy convenient!

  82. Andrew

    I’ve had a great time using this remote over the last weeks and can only say good things about it! If you need a remote, get your hands on this thing.

  83. Calvin Schulz

    The perfect remote for me. It does everything I need it to

  84. James

    Can’t wait for the weekends to go shooting ever since I got this! I just have so many new options now, I’m really inspired again to try different things!

  85. Bruce

    I like how easy it is to use and have gotten some stellar shots using this remote. I feel like it needs live-view to have 5 stars though. If they add that, I will update this review.

  86. Tom

    Love that I don’t have to constantly fiddle with my wifi settings anymore. Very recommendable device!

  87. Mack

    Awesome remote, does everything as it should. Set-up was super quick

  88. Dan Ellis

    Great remote! I was a bit confused that you don’t have to leave it connected after setting your timelapse up, but I’ve gotten used to it now and it’s actually really handy.

  89. Dmitry

    Honestly thought I was just getting a trigger. I was happy it was so small and easy to use, but now I use it for so much more. Time lapses, long exposures, geotagging.. it’s got everything!

  90. Michael Valen

    More people should know about this! Love your remote so I’m trying to spread the word

  91. Andrew

    Wanted to upgrade my camera but then stumbled across your instagram ad. Happy I did, because I decided to buy one and stick to my current camera. Really happy with it so far!

  92. Andy Carlson

    You can control the camera just fine, but the image quality is not good. You only get a low resolution thumbnail in the app. You also can’t see the camera live view with this, which is a huge let down. I must say the app is a lot more comfortable to use then snapbridge though.

  93. Jill

    It’s no longer a “camera accessory”. It’s just a part of my camera now, inseparable ;) Seriously though, the Unleashed is an amazing device. Recommended it to all my photography-interested friends already.

  94. Frank

    I’ve tested my Unleashed extensively for the last few weeks and it has definitely earned a permanent spot in my list of most useful gear now. Excited for future updates!

  95. Marc

    Tiny, but really packs a punch! Great work guys!

  96. Greg

    Took it hiking the other day and I must say, this is such a practical thing to just have on your camera at all times! Love that it also incorporates geotagging.

  97. Rob

    Well this was surely a surprise. Didn’t think I’d get this much value out of a tiny little remote. One of my impulse purchases I don’t regret ;)

  98. Carl

    I never go shooting without my Unleashed anymore, it’s amazing!

  99. Brad

    Came for the geotagging, stayed for all the other fun features. Never knew I needed timelapses in my life, but they’re so fun and satisfying! All in all, a great device.

  100. Dave Matthews

    THANK YOU! I tend to be quite forgetful, so the fact that it doesn’t need charging is such a lifesaver!

  101. Johnny Stuart

    Love this remote!

  102. Jacob

    Such an awesome little device. Can’t wait to take it on my next trip. Cheers!

  103. Robert

    These guys really know their stuff! Had some issues, but they were promptly resolved with their awesome support. Keep up the good work!

  104. Amy JOhnson

    Tried various similar remotes, but none were as reliable as this one. It’s a keeper!

  105. Chris

    Still figuring out all the things I can do with it, but loving it so far!

  106. Will

    Great remote, just wish I could download pictures in a wider range of resolutions. Hope that’ll come in a future update.

  107. Philip

    This remote made me fall in love with timelapses! I hadn’t tried them before because I thought it would be too tricky but they’re so easy with this little helper. It’s staying on my camera indefinitely now! (especially since it never needs charging ;) )

  108. Julia

    Great product and helpful support! Nothing more to add.

  109. Hank Myers

    Works great! I’m just missing a few minor functions. If they add bracketing it will be the perfect landscape tool

  110. Stephen

    This thing has saved me countless hours of work over the past few months. Just had to come back to praise it here.

  111. Nathan

    Love taking this thing on my trips, it’s so small and replaces a bunch of my old gear! Especially great for when weight is a concern, like when you go hiking or cycling.

  112. John

    Wish I could use it interchangeably with my different cameras. But can’t have everything I guess. Works great on my 5D Mark III!

  113. Gary T.

    Thanks for making this remote control. I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time and this checks all the boxes.

  114. Jim

    All in all, it’s always a very smooth experience using the Unleashed. The device and the app are both very well designed and a pleasure to use.

  115. Kevin Schaefer

    This remote has seriously simplified my photography! Especially regarding timelapses and long exposures. Awesome work, guys!

  116. Jose

    Great little remote trigger! It has way more features than I expected.

  117. Dave

    Just have to point out again, that this thing does so much without the need for charging! I find that pretty incredible. Been using it for a while and it doesn’t disappoint.

  118. Phil

    Super quick set up and I was off shooting immediately!

  119. Nate Fang

    Good remote. Huge plus is that the app is way better than the native Canon one!

  120. Rob

    I’ve been using the Unleashed remote for quite a while apart from it being an outstanding device, I want to praise the developers for constantly working on improving it and bringing out new features! Keep up the good work!

  121. Steven

    Does the job without a hassle. Highly recommend!

  122. David

    I take my Unleashed with me everywhere I go, can’t do without it anymore!

  123. Edward

    Great remote with solid geotagging. This has become part of my daily kit.

  124. Kenny

    Works great! Makes day to night time lapses a lot less tedious.

  125. Zach Lee

    Great product and prompt responses from support. Thumbs up

  126. Chuck

    No question, this is a great little unit. It has a ton of features packed into it… But I just really wish it had live-view. That would bump it up to 5 stars easily.

  127. Richard

    After struggling for ages with CameraConnect I must say, this has finally “unleashed” me from those troubles ;) Does exactly what I want it to, it’s great!

  128. David Thompson

    Love that I can just leave on my camera at all times. Really gives you a ton of options!

  129. Jona

    Almost thought I was missing something when I unpacked it. It’s ridiculously small! Kind of scared of losing it so I’ll probably just leave it on my camera. I really like that I can just toss that, some filters and a tripod in my bag and I’m set for some awesome shots.

  130. Dean Jay

    I notice I’ve been taking way more time lapses and long exposures since buying this. It’s just so easy! (And I’ve had a little too much free time recently…)

  131. Dennis K,

    After some struggles with the app, everything works fine now. Thanks for the support!

  132. Dan

    Must-have tool for night/astro photographers! This thing has really upped my game.

  133. Matt M

    As an ultralight traveler and photography enthusiast I’m always a bit torn between keeping the weight down and taking more camera gear to take cool pictures. This thing is literally perfect for me. It’s so tiny and replaces a ton of other gear. That it doesn’t need charging is another huge plus. I’ve already told all my hiking friends about it.

  134. Calvin So

    This thing goes way beyond just a remote. Love it!

  135. Tom

    Does everything as described, perfect!

  136. Patrick

    This little thing has really taken my landscape photos to another level. Cannot recommend it enough, especially if you’re into long exposures!

  137. James

    Zero complaints here – works perfectly and makes time lapses a walk in the park!

  138. Paul

    Great camera remote!

  139. Matt

    Saw an Instagram ad and ordered it. I’m not disappointed but angry that I didn’t find it before. ;)

  140. Tony

    Got it. So far everything works. Shipping was quite fast.

  141. marc

    the Unleashed seems to be a solid product. had a few problems installing the app, but everything seems to work now

  142. Derek Sully

    Great product from Germany! If you have a camera, get it!

  143. Terry

    A must have for every nature photographer!

  144. Frank

    I received the Unleashed five days ago and have been playing around with it for a while now. Love the long exposure feature! Great app, as well! Awesome guys!

  145. Larry

    The unleashed is amazing. I’m using it to take photos in my garden.

  146. Keith

    Great stuff! Works without any problems on my Canon 5D Mk IV. Highly recommend it!

  147. Ed Myers

    Absolutely amazing! Happy I found it on Facebook!

  148. Rick

    It’s without a doubt the best wirless remote I had so far. I also have two other similar products and I have to say that the Unleashed is by far the most reliable and the one with the most features. If you’re still unsure, just go for it. It’s worth the money! :)

  149. Peter

    The remote works, but there was no printed manual included. I reached out to the team and they directed me to their support page with videos. Everythings working now but that did’nt make for a good first experience.

  150. Susan

    I’m so happy I found this. Took it to three continents already. :)

  151. Charles Evans

    I got it two weeks ago and already told all my photography friends about it! :) It’s awesome!

  152. Jesse Bauer

    Works on my Nikon!

  153. Jonathan

    A great device!

  154. Christian

    I tested the Unleashed throughout the last three weeks and I have to say that I’m really happy with it. Works great and reliably!

  155. Jeremy Kay

    Honestly, this is incredible. I also called the guys to tell them this! This is just an awesome piece of technology. Thank you!

  156. Ben

    5 stars! The best remote control I’ve ever had.

  157. Anthony

    The Unleashed arrived two weeks ago so I had the chance to test it out a little bit. The ads and website promised quite a bit so I used it for two timelapses I did outside in the garden. Both of them turned out great. It was really nice being inside the house and being able to see the progress within the app. I’m super happy with it and can definitely recommend it. In three weeks I’ll be on a hiking trip and will try out the geotagging feature. We’ll see :)

  158. Monica

    The Unleashed is actually a great device. There is almost nothing to complain about. The only thing might be that the photo that’s tranderred is a bit small. However, I talked to the team and they said that they’re working on an option to choose the photo size so you can transfer a bigger one. Once that feature is launched they’ll get 5 stars!

  159. Ryan

    no Express shipping. Waited for a week to get it!

  160. Sean Juncker

    My wife gave me the Unleashed for Christmas. It’s been fun using it!

  161. Chad

    So far I only had a classic remote control. I saw an ad on Instagram so gave it a chance! And I have to say: Works just great! Thanks guys

  162. Gary

    Canon 6D Mark II. By far better than the native Canon camera connect app!

  163. Troy Baker

    It’s an impressive gadget! And it’s soooo small. Perfect for traveling!

  164. Andrew

    No complaints. Works as described.

  165. Justin

    Perfect for night photography and star trails!

  166. Joseph Lang

    Works great!

  167. Craig M.

    Nice product. Love the size! But almost lost it… Recommend to get a small bag or so.

  168. Scott

    I’m happy with it. Does what it’s supposed to do!

  169. Doug

    Got it shipped to michigan, united states. Took 10 days. Product works fine!

  170. Joshua

    Amazing piece of hardware! Well done!

  171. Matthew

    Can absolutely recommend it.

  172. David

    Great tool.

  173. Jeff

    Well, I found this remote control on facebook and decided to order it. I do landscape photography and have been using a wired remote shutter release until now. THe unleashed really is a good replacement for that, plus it has geotagging! Can’t imagine going without it anymore!

  174. Richard Scot

    Amazing piece of hardware! Well done!

  175. Jonas

    Great product! Ordered it for my Nikon D7100. Have done two timelapse so far and I have to say it works super easy. Also Geotagging is a nice feature – used it on my last trip to Italy.

  176. Sara

    A great tool for any travel photographer!

  177. Will Ilias

    I’ve been asked to write a quick review. So far the Unleashed works great with my Canon 5D mark IV. Pairing was super fast and I didn’t have any connection problems so far. I shoot landscapes and wanted a better remote control than my old PIXEL. The app is also pretty intuitive and comes with a lot of features. I would definitely buy it again.

  178. Luke

    The Unleashed is absolutely amazing! Everything seems to be well thought through and you really see that the guys payed a lot of attention to details. Love it!

  179. Mark

    Got the Unleashed for my Canon 5D MarkIV last week. To be honest, I was a little bit hesitant to put down that amount of money but I have to say it’s well worth the price. The app is nice to use and comes with a lot of features. It’s actually amazing that the team was able to pack so many features in such a small device! Awesome work guys!

  180. Michael W

    Awesome product! Is working great. Also came in a cool packaging ;)

  181. Paul ling

    The geotagging feature is great!

  182. Todd

    I just bought the Unleashed as I was looking for a tool to do holy grail timelapses with my Nikon d7200. Works great! I mean you still need software like Lrtimelapse, but it makes things so much easier already. Just set it up, shoot, import, ken burns, great result.

  183. Steve

    Unleashed works as described! I can absolutely recommend it to everyone with a camera!

  184. Eric

    I can recommend the Unleashed to anyone who is looking for a timer. I have the Canon TC-80N3 remote control, but now wanted something without cable. The Unleashed looked promising so I ordered one and tested it. Without a doubt, it’s the perfect replacement for my Canon remote and even surprises with so many more features. So again: I can absolutely recommend it!
    Camera: Canon 5DSR
    Phone: iPhone 8 plus

  185. Shawn McGregor

    The size is incredible!! I was so surprised when I received it. It’s so small!

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