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Estimated delivery: August 2023.

It’s tiny, but packed with features. The Unleashed is so much more than a simple wireless camera remote: it gives your camera the features you wish it had in the first place. Expert level timelapse features, long exposure capabilities, geotagging, bracketing, photo sharing and more. All in a tiny Bluetooth module and an intuitive app that simply works. Unleash the full potential of your camera.
Compatible with over 140 cameras from Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm and Panasonic.

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New features: gallery with high resolution photo review, HDR & focus bracketing, advanced timelapse autoramping options, ND-filter calculator and photo sharing right from our app. Learn all about the features in-depth on our Indiegogo page.

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Retail price: 249€. Available: September 2023.