Smart Camera Control.

The Unleashed puts complete control over your DSLR into the palm of your hand – right from your smartphone. It’s the first DSLR remote control that you won’t even notice is there. It becomes one with the camera’s design and won’t get in the way of what you love doing: taking photos and videos.

In September 2016, the Unleashed was successfully funded on Kickstarter. If you haven’t seen it, have a look at our campaign page, watch the video and check out a few more details there before we migrate everything over to this page soon.

Incredibly Small

Impressive technology. Unobtrusive design.

Developing the Unleashed, we had one big design goal: it’s tiny size. You can leave the Unleashed on the camera at all times, even when packing it into your bag. The hot shoe stays free so you can keep using your external or popup flash, LED panels or shotgun mics.

Advanced Control

Change every setting. Have ultimate control.

The Unleashed is the first wireless remote that gives you complete control over your DSLR – as if it was still in your hands. Experience a professionally designed app that lets you change all the important settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and much more. With this you can easily get the perfect shot, no matter if you’re behind or in front of the camera, right next to it or further away. Change settings, trigger the camera, or start and stop video recording – without even touching the camera.

Smart Technology

Easy setup. Quick and reliable connection.

We designed the Unleashed to be ready whenever you want to use it. It doesn’t need to be charged, and automatically reconnects to your smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy so you don’t need to reconfigure your wifi settings each time you shoot remotely!
 It’s Plug’n’Play and always ready to use.

Photo Preview

To see means to control.

One of the biggest advantages of digital photography is the possibility to instantly see results. This is too cool to miss when shooting remotely, so the Unleashed will send a thumbnail to your smartphone for quick review and checking exposure. And if needed, simply adjust the settings right from your smartphone to get that shot you wanted!


We want you to reach for the stars.

Wireless remote control is vital for vibration free long exposures, breathtaking startrails, as well as epic timelapses. The Unleashed allows interval shooting and even supports carefully controlled exposure ramping for smooth day to night transitions – the “holy grail” of timelapses.

Timelapse by photohod.de


Enjoy the memories tied to places.

The Unleashed can use your smartphone’s location or a Bluetooth GPS receiver for direct geotagging. The exact GPS location of where you take the photo is saved in its metadata immediately. Relive your vacation by viewing your photos on a map. Or find pictures of your favorite spots by simply zooming in on their location, without having to remember exactly when you were there. Almost every photo management software already supports geotagging.

Control several cameras

Sometimes one just isn’t enough.

There are times when you have to work with more than one camera. Either you’re taking photos at a wedding or shooting a video. You could be behind the main camera, but with our app you can control up to six cameras at once. Start recording at the same time, trigger all cameras at the right moment, or synchronize settings beforehand. Don’t worry about missing a moment or an angle, even if you’re missing a crew.

Made in Germany

We make quality a feature.

We believe in reliability. To reach our expectations of quality, our Unleashed is completely Made In Germany. We make sure the Unleashed is produced locally, because in our experience, a close relationship with the manufacturers is what makes the difference. Because making high-end products means going strong right from the start.

Get Unleashed.

You missed the initial Kickstarter campaign, but can still be one of the first to get the new Unleashed for a special preorder price. You’ll also find more details like a compatibility list on our Indiegogo InDemand page.

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