Camera control and timelapse tool

The UNLEASHED completes your Nikon or Canon DSLR. It adds amazing features and gives you full control over your camera from your smartphone. The UNLEASHED is a tiny Bluetooth module that plugs directly into your camera and blends perfectly into its design, so you won’t even notice it’s there. Change all settings remotely, take several hour long exposures, shoot amazing day to night transition timelapses effortlessly, geotag your photos in-camera, and enjoy simple remote triggering for photo and video – all for up to 6 cameras at once. The Unleashed is feature packed and comes with an intuitive free app as its user interface.


“Super happy with it! I mostly got it as a GPS unit, but I love being able to control so much of the camera without having to reconnect it every time. It just works without any hassle, so it’s definitely a favorite and worth the wait :)”

Daniel M.

“Excellent… Does what it is intended to do, and a lot more. Useful to more advanced photographers (that’s good – space for us to grow). I love it that I can shoot wildlife away from camera position.”

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Marc (B&H)

“I’ve had one of these for a few years now and find the product to be excellent. It opens up a a new level of creativity. I could not rate this product highly enough.”

Michael S.

imaging resource

With Unleashed, Foolography is launching the smartest SLR camera remote control yet.


Advanced Control

Change Every Setting. Have Ultimate Control.

The Unleashed is the first wireless camera remote that gives you complete control over your DSLR – as if it was still in your hands. Our intuitive app for iOS and Android lets you change all the important settings: aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation and much more.

See It In Action

Perfect Night Photography

We Help You Reach For The Stars.

Keeping the camera perfectly still is essential for night photography. Take a photo, adjust settings in the app, repeat. Keep your camera on the tripod the entire time and get the sharpest images. Perfect for star trail shots, light painting or other night photography. Unleash your creativity and take the long exposures you always wanted to.


The Best App For Timelapses With Your DSLR.

The Unleashed app lets you set interval shots in the easiest way. Whether you’re doing star trail photography or timelapse videos. The best part: It works independently from your phone – just set up your timelapse and walk away. Close the app or go out of range and keep an eye on the progress without needing to stay connected to the Unleashed.

The Holy Grail

Automatic Exposure Ramping For Everyone.

Effortlessly create day-to-night “holy grail” timelapses with smooth transitions. The Unleashed takes over the work of adjusting the settings. Choose between the Foolography auto-ramp algorithm or the exposure ramping provided by LRTimelapse.

Timelapse by photohod.de

Start & Stop Video

Motion or Stills. Everything is Possible.

For professionals or the next YouTube video: With the Unleashed you have the shutter release right in your hand to capture everything important on camera. Start filming, whether you’re behind or in front of the lens.

Photo Review

Quickly Review Shots on Your Phone.

Check your results and make adjustments all from the palm of your hand. The Unleashed sends a thumbnail photo to your phone after triggering.


Enjoy The Memories Tied to Places.

Quickly find pictures of your favorite spots on a map instead of searching through timelines and folders. The Unleashed uses your phone’s GPS for direct geotagging. The exact GPS location of the photo is saved instantly in its metadata. Don’t want to use your phone? It’s also compatible with GPS devices.

Control Multiple Cameras

Sometimes one just isn’t enough.

There are times when you have to work with more than one camera. With the Unleashed app you can control up to six cameras at once. Trigger all cameras at the right moment. Don’t worry about missing a moment or an angle, even if you’re missing a crew.

Intuitive App

Good to Go in Less Than 1 Minute.

Triggering your camera shutter remotely from your phone is one thing. Complete remote control over your DSLR through an easy-to-use app is another. The Unleashed is way more than just a remote trigger – it’s the only remote that lets you control all camera settings remotely. Our intuitive app helps you achieve all your photography goals.

Smart Technology

Easy Setup. Quick And Reliable Connection.

Quick & reliable: Using Bluetooth Low Energy

No Charging: Pulls minimal power from camera battery

Easy: Reconnects to Your Phone Automatically

The Unleashed runs without external power – never worry about charging and always be ready to shoot. Turn on your camera and the Unleashed automatically reconnects to your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy.
No more dead batteries or bulky cables. No more struggling with your WiFi settings.

Made in Germany

We make quality a feature.

The Unleashed is a professional tool used by thousands of photographers around the world. Foolography, founded in 2009, is an international team located in Berlin, Germany. Our products are designed, developed and manufactured here: Made in Germany.
To us, this is not just another product, it’s a personal passion project. Being engineers and photographers ourselves, we live and breathe the Unleashed and have devoted over a decade to refining every detail for the smoothest, most hassle-free experience.


“Unleashed has changed my life. I have two, one for each Z7, use them to about 10% of their potential and they’re still game-changing.”

Josh H.

“I have been taking pictures for about 50 years and have seen and tried many technical solutions for remote control of cameras. This solution from Germany is so far the most sophisticated, elegant and at an unbeatable price I have found.”

Blue Reef

“This technology for camera control is amazing and so small. It puts all others practically out of the picture (no pun intended).”

Dr. Stephen L.