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The UNLEASHED ’22 is a tiny Bluetooth module that plugs directly into your camera, giving you full control from your phone and adding a ton of amazing features. Holy grail timelapses, long exposures, in-camera geotagging and more – all easy to use from our app.

Choose your model below. Find the full compatibility list here.

Choose your camera brand and model below to receive the correct UNLEASHED, including the USB plug and HDMI/USB cable. Spare or additional cables are available for purchase here. Additional magnetic USB plugs for the Unleashed M can be purchased here.


The Unleashed gives you full control over your camera, wirelessly from your phone, and adds a ton of features to your camera – all easy to use from our app for iOS and Android. It’s so much more than just a wireless camera remote: it unleashes features you wish your camera had in the first place.
Keep your camera set up minimal and lightweight, without compromising on function. With the Unleashed you’ll never miss out on another perfect photo opportunity again.


  • Remote triggering for tripod shots and family photos
  • Change settings from our app, without touching your camera
  • Direct in-camera geotagging
  • Start and stop video recording remotely
  • Long exposures, perfectly timed up to 4.5 hours
  • Timelapses made easy, even advanced “holy grail” day-to-night transitions
  • HDR and focus bracketing
  • Gallery with high resolution photo review
  • Photo sharing, right from our app
  • Control 6 cameras at once


  • Tiny, low-profile & ultralight – can stay on your camera at all times
  • Pairs in under 10 seconds – reconnects instantly when you turn on your camera or open the app
  • No battery, no charging – always ready
  • Quick and reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connection with range up to 40m (tested with iPhone 6s & Unleashed N1 without obstacles)
  • Free, intuitive and easy to use app – clear and uncluttered, without compromising on function.
  • Made in Germany


  • Size & weight:
    • N1/N2: 13.7 x 16 x 5.2mm, 2g
    • Bluetooth version: 4.2 (Low Energy)
    • Sockets used:
      • M magnetic plug:
        • USB-C
        • Micro-USB (also fits Micro USB 3.0)
        • Mini-USB
      • M Cable:
        • HDMI-A
        • HDMI-C
        • HDMI-D
      • N1: Round 10-pin Accessory Terminal
      • N2: Rectangular 10-pin Accessory Terminal
      • N1/N2 Cable:
        • Mini-USB
        • Micro-USB (also fits Micro USB 3.0)
        • 8P USB
        • USB-C
    • Operating temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    • Humidity: 90% Non-condensing
    • Contains FCC ID: 2AAQS-ISP1507
    • Contains IC ID: 11306A-ISP1507

    WORLDWIDE SHIPPING from Berlin, Germany. Find all shipping information here.


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