Foolography is a team of passionate professionals located in Berlin, Germany, making use of the city’s great network and drive for technological innovation. Our product ideas usually arise from own needs or wishes and the lack of a product on the market to fulfill these. This is just as true today as it was in 2009 when Oliver started Foolography as a one-man company.

“We are specialized in high quality camera accessories Made In Germany.”

Our products go through several prototyping stages and lots of testing. The consultation of professionals, the delegation of delicate tasks to reputable firms and high levels of quality control ensure top quality of our final products.

Our Values


We trust and respect our business partners and customers, as well as everyone in our team.


We are convinced that together we can achieve more than we could ever do alone. Everyone has their role. Every role is important.

Passion & Vision

We believe that without vision you’re not going anywhere. We love what we do and are driven by the objective.


We want to offer some of the best niche camera accessories on the market. That’s why we keep on asking: is there a better way?

The Team


Making it all come to life.
He dreams and invents. Leads software development. Constructs hardware with a passion for detail, with no fear of challenging the status quo. Plans production, manages suppliers, and makes sure innovation becomes manufacturable.
The fool himself, trying to juggle it all.


Keeping everything in order.
Sophia is a rock in administrative and financial matters.
Her forte: getting things done. Her secret mission: getting the boys to eat more healthy!


Building the foundation in the firmware.
He’s our Slovenian genius, programming communication protocol stacks and hardware abstraction layers. Is now fluent in multiple camera languages and knows all the Nikon and Canon dialects!


The Bridge between App and Hardware.
He’s responsible for all things Bluetooth, codes the upper firmware layers and makes sure the app and our two microprocessors stay in sync. He’s hilariously vocal about all the bugs he finds and fixes and brings some Mexican sunshine into our Berlin office.


Letting the iOS app become reality.
He turns Sketch files into a beautiful architecture of Swift code and makes sure the app runs reliably on every iPhone, no matter how often he has to refactor to use the latest and greatest libraries.
He still thinks we should have taken these portraits on an iPhone X!


Taking care of Web-Development and your web experience.
He writes plugin upon plugin for our shop system, taking our website to a new level of automation we’ve been dreaming about for years. Alex sure knows his stuff and stays eager to learn more!


Making all you Android users happy.
He’s super fast and is rocking Android development, no matter what obstacles or absurd API restrictions come in his way. He doesn’t hesitate to tackle new technologies and just makes them work!


Helps to bring the iOS App to a next level.
He’s part of the iOS Development team helping to improve performance, as well as implementing new features. With a background in UX, he makes sure our customers will always experience the highest standard of app experience!


Making sure you’re getting your products.
She works in operations, takes care of logistics and customer care and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Natasha is always a step ahead and turns challenges into successes!


Letting people know about our products.
He takes care of our online advertisement and helps to spread the word about us. Philip is an experienced online marketer with his finger on the pulse of the time!

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