The Unleashed is compatible with hundreds of Bluetooth GPS on the market. Choose the perfect one for you depending on your preferences.

Bad Elf GPS. The Ones We Use.

Thanks to our cooperation with Bad Elf, when using their GPS receivers you can enjoy additional features: Remotely trigger the camera from the GPS Pro+ or Pro’s physical buttons via Bluetooth. Use one Bad Elf GPS with multiple Unleasheds and/or iOS and Android devices.

Bad Elf GPS Pro.

This is an excellent GPS receiver with a backlit screen, logging, all-day battery life (32h), and iOS compatibility (MFI licensed).

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Bad Elf GPS Pro+.

This is an upgrade to the Bad Elf GPS Pro. Additional to all the features of its smaller brother, the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ is both GPS and Glonass compatible and also has a barometric altitude sensor.

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Compatible GPS receivers.

All Bluetooth GPS receivers should be compatible. This is therefore not an exclusive nor exhaustive compatibility list, but just lists devices that have been tested by foolography and/or our customers and reported working with the Unleashed.

Tested by foolography

Reported to be working by customers

Not compatible

  • Garmin GLO (output fixed at 10Hz, Unleashed can handle a max. of 2-3Hz)
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