The Unleashed is compatible with hundreds of Bluetooth GPS on the market. Choose the perfect one for you depending on your preferences.

Bad Elf GPS. The Ones We Use.

Thanks to our cooperation with Bad Elf, when using their GPS receivers you can enjoy additional features: Remotely trigger the camera from the GPS Pro+ or Pro’s physical buttons via Bluetooth. Use one Bad Elf GPS with multiple Unleasheds and/or iOS and Android devices.

Bad Elf GPS Pro.

This is an excellent GPS receiver with a backlit screen, logging, all-day battery life (32h), and iOS compatibility (MFI licensed).

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Bad Elf GPS Pro+.

This is an upgrade to the Bad Elf GPS Pro. Additional to all the features of its smaller brother, the Bad Elf GPS Pro+ is both GPS and Glonass compatible and also has a barometric altitude sensor.

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Compatible GPS receivers.

All Bluetooth GPS receivers should be compatible. This is therefore not an exclusive nor exhaustive compatibility list, but just lists devices that have been tested by foolography and/or our customers and reported working with the Unleashed.

Tested by foolography

Reported to be working by customers

Not compatible

  • Garmin GLO (output fixed at 10Hz, Unleashed can handle a max. of 2-3Hz)

19 thoughts on “Accessories

  1. Hey guys,

    did anyone pair the Dx000 ’09 successfully via bluemouse to a Galaxy S7 (stock ROM)?
    Can’t get it to work – Has anything changed in the Bluetooth Stack?

    Best Marcus

  2. @marc: The Unleashed will connect to the Bad elf usually within 1-10 seconds. However, to make startup time even faster than that, we’ve added two features: when you turn off the camera (or it goes into standby), the Unleashed keeps the bluetooth connection alive for another 15 minutes, so if you start using the camera after a short break, there is zero delay until you have up to date GPS info. After those 15 minutes, the Unleashed disconnects from the GPS, but it remembers the last position for another 30 minutes. If you start using your camera again in that time, you’ll have almost fresh GPS data from the first image on even if you can’t wait those 5 seconds it might take to connect back to the GPS.

    The Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor is also compatible, and also has the remote release feature, we just have not started selling it, as Bad Elf wants to perfect the GNSS’ firmware before selling through resellers. I’ve been using one myself for the last few months, and it almost always works perfectly. Seldomly, there are some Bluetooth issues, but a restart usually fixes that.

  3. Dear Oliver,

    I have a Nikon D810 and thinking of using the combination of D200+ and Bad Elf. My questions are:

    1. In the situation that both my Nikon D810 and the D200+ are already paired, my Nikon D810 is powered off and the Bad Elf is powered on. I then switch on my Nikon D810 camera, how much time will it take before the Nikon D810 and Bad Elf communicate?

    2. The Bad Elf GNSS Surveyor is not listed in the compatibility list. Can I use this product in combination with the D810?

    Many thanks for your fast response,

    Kind regards, Marc

  4. Has anyone tried the Garmin Monterra GPS with unleashed??
    Will it work?

  5. Does it work with Dual Electronics Bluetooth XGPS150A?
    Seems to be a very good Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver…
    Advantage of the Dual: it works with iPad, iPod and iPhone

    Greetings from Austria!

    Thanks Wilfried

  6. I’m using the Dx000 on a D600. Paired with bluemouse app on Android (Razr Maxx). Paired on the first try and works great. Remote shutter and GPS work without a flaw. One note, the shutter release cable that came with the Dx000 would not work because when plugged into the Dx000 it made it too wide to plug into the D600. Luckily I had the Nikon MC-DC2 cable and was able to pair without issue.

  7. I modified the unleashed to fit my new D 800, using a grinding wheel instead of the soldering iron melt method, and it works like a charm…

  8. Just bought the unleashed d90 a few day ago.
    Connected it with the camera as described in manual. After one hour I managed it to connect it to my android phone. It works with the bluemouse app on Android 4.1.2 on Samsung galaxy S3. two pairings were necessary. First with the code 0000. With the second try the pairing was accepted. Took me about an hour to get it up and running. Nice peace of work, both: hard and software.

  9. Unleashed D200+ definitly works on a D300 together with a Galaxy Nexus (Android 4.1.2) using BlueMouse ( There are some important things to note though: Pairing only works when the GPS has a fix and with a forced fixed serial port number 1 (BlueMouse settings). Even then pairing must be done twice as first Unleashed runs into a time-out while you enter the PIN 0000 into your handy. Afterwards it works without problem even in Airplane mode (an Internet connection is only needed to display the current location in Google Maps).

  10. @roberto: No, it is for GPS data only, and only FROM the GPS receiver TO the camera, not the other way round. You’ll need to get the WiFi adapter for your DSLR (or an eye-fi card) to do what you’re talking about, and it will not be easy to set up.

  11. Can this be used to sync (picture transfer) between the camera and a phone?
    I need it to transfer the pics to my blackberry and send them to facebook, email, etc.

  12. The current Unleasheds cannot communicate with the iPhone because any hardware that wants to communicate with the iPhone needs a special chip which is not built into the Unleashed yet.

  13. HOw about compatibility with iPhone?

  14. wouldn’t

    work for this to use the Iphone as a GPS datalogger?
    I do have a jailbroken Iphone, so iblueNova would work with your device?
    I guess there is no chance that the BlueSLR app can be tricked to use a foolography device instead of the much large blueSLR device, has this been tested?

  15. Has anybody tried “SolidSync Network/Bluetooth GPS” for the Android?

    Standalone GPS take a lot of time to get the TTFF (Time to first Fix) while a Phone based GPS is much faster as they also seem to use the network to improve TTFF . Most cell phones also support Cell Site Triangulation and hence are probably better GPS receivers. My GPSlim 240 took close to 20-30 minutes to get it’s fix and even that was not very accurate. However, I got to know this only after I uploaded the pictures from my Camera to my PC.

  16. The iPhone only supports audio and handsfree profiles, you need the serial profile to work with the foolography receiver. You may be able to get this with iBlueNova if you have a jailbroken iPhone, but apart from that you will need Apple to provide support.

  17. Not true, there are plenty of apps for iPhone that acess the GPS. Have a look at “Bluetooth GPS” on the iTunes store.

    This program allows there ipad application to use the iPhone as a Bluetooth GPS.

    Maybe you can contact the developers and get them to add whatever format you need the data in?

  18. Yes that would be great if it could use the GPS receiver in your iphone/android while in your pocket.

  19. Will it work with Android phones that have bluetooth and a GPS reciever ? You may need to write an Android app for this.

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