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Why does the Unleashed for Nikon sometimes need a small cable?

The Unleashed N1/N2 plugs directly into a 10-pin port on Nikon DSLRs. Through this port we get power and camera state. Remote Triggering, Intervalometer as well as Geotagging are possible on all Nikons through this port alone. On newer DSLRs (since about 2012), we can even control almost all settings through this port, so changing settings, manual and automatic exposure ramping are possible without a USB cable. On older Nikons you’ll need to connect the USB cable for these features. On all Nikons, the USB cable enables getting thumbnails, and also activates some extra settings, most notably metering mode (Spot/Matrix/Centerweighted). It also makes automatic switching to Video mode a little easier. Even with the optional cable connected, the Unleashed N1/N2 are still smaller than the Canon C1/C2 versions, and we made the cable just long enough, really flexible and with plugs as small as possible.
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