How to choose additional Unleasheds, cables & plugs

Choosing the right Unleashed for your camera is simple. Specify your camera brand and model using the menu on the shop page and we’ll make sure you get the correct Unleashed model, cable and magnetic plug combination to fit your camera. Simply click on the brand, then scroll or start typing to quickly find your camera model.

That said, if you’re updating your camera soon or want to get multiple Unleasheds for your camera collection and want to optimize how many cameras they will work with, this guide will help you identify which other Unleasheds, cables and/or plugs you may need to add to your order. So grab your cameras and get familiar with their ports.

Connector types on various cameras

Thanks to 3 different Unleashed models, 3 different magnetic plugs and 7 different cables, the Unleashed works on over 150 cameras. Let’s start with understanding the difference between the three Unleashed models. After this we’ll explain which cables work with which Unleasheds and cameras.

Unleashed models:

Unleashed N1: for Nikon Pro bodies with a round 10-pin accessory terminal (on the front of the camera)

Unleashed N2: for Nikons with a rectangular accessory terminal

If you have two or more Nikons, they’ll need to have the same type of accessory terminal for you to be able to use the same Unleashed model on both cameras.

Unleashed M: for Canon, Sony, Fujfilm and Panasonic cameras, as well as Nikon Z30, Z50, Z fc, D3500, D3400.

The Unleashed M will actually also work on other Nikons, but with a smaller feature set than the N1 and N2. The main limitation of the Unleashed M on these Nikons is that geotagging won’t work as well. Also, the trigger delay is a bit longer and less responsive and on many cameras video recording won’t work with the camera display on. There are lots of little details that we optimised on the Unleashed N1 and N2, and can’t optimise in the same way on the Unleashed M. Another great advantage of the N1 and N2 is that the Unleashed always has power, even when the camera is off, or in standby. This means that the Unleashed app can stay connected, and you can wake up the camera from standby using the trigger in the app. That’s why we recommend you get the Unleashed N1/N2 if you have a compatible Nikon.

Magnetic USB plugs

For Unleashed M only:

  • USB-C
  • Micro-USB (also fits in the one half of the wider Micro USB 3.0 port!)
  • Mini-USB

  • If you want to get spares as backup or an additional USB plug for a different camera, you can check your camera to see which of the above USB ports it has.

    The N1 and N2 plugs are not magnetic and thus fixed.


    For Unleashed M – HDMI cables:

  • HDMI-A (Full size HDMI)
  • HDMI-C (Mini-HDMI)
  • HDMI-D (Micro-HDMI)

  • For Unleashed N1 and N2 – USB cables:

  • USB-C
  • Micro-USB (also fits in the one half of the wider Micro USB 3.0 port!)
  • Mini-USB
  • 8P-USB

  • You can also check our compatibility list for a full overview of all the models. Click the checkmark at the top on the models you want to compare, then click the switch to see just the checked models for easier comparison. Hover over the camera to see additional info about cables and plugs.

    Now that you know which ports your cameras have, you’ll have a better idea which plugs/cables to add to your order. Still, to make it easy, our shop pages for Unleashed, cable and magnetic plug all work by selecting a camera brand and model, and will list other camera models they’re compatible with. So even if you aren’t sure after reading this – you’ll definitely get the right Unleashed, just by selecting your camera model from the shop menu.

    A tip for future-proofing: All newest cameras are coming out with USB-C ports. So if your current camera does not yet have USB-C and you want the Unleashed to work on your next camera too,, you might want to add a USB-C plug to your Unleashed M or a USB-C cable to your Unleashed N1 or N2. Of course, you’ll be able to order them later too.

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