Does the Unleashed geotag my photos without a phone or GPS device?

We often get the question whether the Unleashed alone can geotag your photos, without being connected to a phone or GPS device. Unfortunately, this is not possible because the Unleashed itself is not a GPS device and needs to get the location data from somewhere in order to embed them in your photo’s metadata.

This means you will need to keep the Unleashed connected to a device receiving location data – but you don’t need to keep your phone screen on or even have the app open/running in the foreground. Just open the app at the beginning of your shoot, let the Unleashed connect and start shooting. Just make sure geotagging is enabled and that you don’t hard close (“kill”) the app as then the location data will no longer be embedded. (To clarify: you can switch to the home screen or other apps, just leave the Unleashed app running in the background.)

You can find more information as well as a video tutorial on setting up geotagging here.

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