How do I set up Geotagging?


1. Tap the satellite icon at the bottom right of the Control Center to configure Geotaggingsettings. There are three pickers/columns.

2. The first picker lets you turn Geotagging on or off. Depending on the camera you might as well be able to choose what source for the GPS coordinates should be used.

3. The second picker in the middle sets the interval for how often the GPS coordinates should be updated and sent to the camera.

4. The third picker sets your priority for when taking photos from the app. This is necessary as the Unleashed switches between communication protocols with the camera.

5. When set to “GPS” all photos taken with the app will be geotagged. To guarantee this, shutter release might be delayed by up to one second after tapping the triggerbutton.

6. When set to “Trigger” photos triggered from the app likely won’t be geotagged. Use this setting when instant triggering is more important to you.

7. When the app is running in the background and you’re taking photos with the camera, GPS coordinates will be added to your photos in both settings, “Trigger” and “GPS”.

8. With the app open and active, coordinates often won’t be added to your photos when taking photos with your camera directly, unless you half-press the shutter button for 1s or more.

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