How to set up a Timelapse with the Unleashed


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1. The top area of the screen shows a summary of the camera’s current settings. You can change those settings by tapping on that area to see the detailed camera settings.

2.In the center area you can set the interval i.e. in what frequency a photo should be taken, and the duration i.e. for how long the timelapse should run.

3. Below that, the app calculates how many photos will be taken and what the clip length would be at 30 frames per second.

4. In the top right corner of the screen, the app shows tips, warnings and errors. While you’ll be able to start a timelapse with tips and warnings, errors will grey out the start button.*

5. To start, just tap the button at the bottom center. Once it’s started, the smartphone does not need to remain connected or in range for the Unleashed to finish the timelapse.

*For example, the app will warn you when your SD card doesn’t have enough space for all the photos to be taken during the timelapse. Also, the interval always needs to be longer than the exposure time. If your app is giving you an error message despite the interval being longer than the exposure time, just extend the interval by 1-2 seconds. (In case you are interested in more background info: We found out as we were implementing our long exposure feature, that both Nikon and Canon cheated! While you set 15 or 30s exposures in the camera, they actually (and more correctly) keep the shutter open for 16 and 32s respectively. After all, one stop difference means doubling the exposure, so it should go 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. We believe the 15 and 30s are there only for historic reasons, or to better fit the time intervals we’re used to from the rest of the world.)

One of the best things about the Unleashed is that your phone doesn’t even need to stay connected while your timelapse is running. Once you setup an interval shot/timelapse, you can leave the app, go out of range, switch your phone off etc. and the Unleashed will continue taking photos as set in the app. The smarts are all built into the Unleashed. Once you’re back into range or reconnect, you will see the updated process of the timelapse in the Unleashed app.

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