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Neues App und Firmware Update verfügbar!

App-Icon mit Badge

Vor ein paar Wochen haben wir neue App Updates für iOS und Android herausgebracht. Diese enthalten nicht nur viele Bugfixes und Verbesserungen in Performance und Stabilität, sondern vor allem auch das erste Firmware Update für das Unleashed. Dieses Firmware Update beseitigt alle bekannten Bugs und Probleme die irgendwas mit der Firmware zu tun haben. Gerne mal im Forum den Eintrag anschauen „What are UNLEASHED’s 1.0 known issues?“ um detaillierte Infos zu bekommen was alles beseitigt wurde, oder unser Changelog.

Falls das Update nicht zu sehen ist, muss man zuerst die App upadaten. Sobald diese geupdatet ist, ist das Firmware update in EDIT UNLEASHED zu sehen. Einfach dem roten Notification Icon folgen. Das Unleashed muss eingesteckt sein, die Kamera an sein, und die App mit dem Unleashed verbunden sein. Tippe auf „Install Update“ und alles andere passiert wie von selbst. Das Updaten dauert etwa zwei Minuten und wenn es fertig ist, erscheint ein grosser Haken. Für alle Canon Nutzer: Bitte haltet die Kamera „wach“ indem ihr den Auslöser der Kamera halb gedrückt haltet, oder alle 10 Sekunden drückt. Sonst verliert das Unleashed während des Updates den Strom, und man muss von vorne anfangen.

Unleashed App Screens

Wir arbeiten kontinuierlich an dem Unleashed und planen regelmäßige App und Firmware Updates. Das Nächste Update wird spannende neue Features enthalten, die wir demnächst ankündigen werden.

Wenn Ihr Feedback für uns habt, lasst es uns wissen. Entweder im Forum oder direkt eine Mail an unsere info@ address. Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung. Lasst uns weiterhin ein tolles Produkt noch besser machen! :-)

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foolography partners with Triggertrap

We are proud to announce a cooperation between foolography and Triggertrap. That’s right, we’re making our Unleashed compatible with the Triggertrap app, and the Triggertrap app compatible with the Unleashed! So every one of you backers can use both our app as well as all the cool triggering features of the Triggertrap app that you might already be used to, but now wirelessly with your Unleashed!

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Adobe Lightroom 4 released – with extensive Geotagging support

More and more software is coming out with support for geotagged photos. Finally Adobe has caught on, and has released Lightroom 4, along with pretty decent geotagging features.

Lightroom 4 Senegal Map

„Map“ is now one of the main views available in Lightroom, in which you will see a big map, with markers in all the spots on the map in which you took photos. If you zoom out, markers too close together are merged. Instead of an empty marker representing a single photo, a number is displayed on that marker, indicating the number of photos taken in that area. You can also choose to load GPS tracklog files, and have Lightroom 4 display these on the map. These tracks can even be used to indirectly geotag photos that are not yet geotagged, by matching the timestamps.

Lightroom 4 tracklogs

Optionally, you can blend in extra panels. The left panel contains three subviews:

  • Navigator – a smaller overview map
  • Saved Locations – a set of manually saved spots/areas, defined by location and radius. For each Location you can set a privacy option, if you want location metadata to be deleted whenever you export photos from this area (your home, for example)
  • Collections – what would be called „Albums“ in most other Photo Managment software – not geotagging specific.

The right panel is your usual Metadata panel, in which you can see EXIF, IPTC and other Metadata, including the EXIF Fields with the GPS coordinates, along with button that will center the map to those coordinates. You can even choose to only display Location Metadata.

Along the bottom you have your film-strip panel. The photos in here all have badges in the bottom right corner, indicating whether or not they are geotagged. if you click on one of the markers in the map view, all the photos in that location are centered and highlighted in the film-strip view, so you can quickly see which photos were taken there. Instead of clicking on a single marker in the map, you can also apply one of three Location filters (along the top of the map view):

Lightroom 4 location filter

  • Visible on Map – highlights all photos in the filmstrip which were taken in the currently visible area on the map.
  • Tagged – highlights all photos in the filmstrip that are geotagged, and dims the photos without geotag
  • Untagged – does exactly the opposite.
The latter is especially useful for finding the photos where your geotagging device missed a photo or two without you noticing, so that you can manually add its location – for example by synching Location metadata from another photo taken in the same spot, or using a tracklog that you might have additionally saved.

I have not taken the time to dive any deeper into Lightroom 4 (I use Apples Aperture – which has supported geotagging for quite a while longer), who knows what other gems I might have missed – so feel free to add your own finds in the comments!

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Apple releases Aperture 3 with geotagging – places

Finally, Apple has brought geotagging to Aperture. Along with over 200 other new features, „Places“ is now part of Aperture 3. I haven’t tried it yet, but it sure looks worth it! Read more on the apple website

Places in Aperture 3
Image by Apple

If you want the exact details, check out this page and this page

If you prefer watching a video, Apple provides that too.

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Improved geotagging in Picasa 3.5

On September 22nd, Google released a new version of Picasa. Of course, the most interesting improvement being enhanced geotagging.

Picasa 3.5 screenshot

The new „Places“ button shows an integrated Google Maps window, on which the positions of your (currently selected) geotagged photos are shown as pins, and onto which you can drag other photos, in order to manually geotag them. Read more here

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iPhoto 09 with geotagging support

Apple announced iPhoto 09 as part of iLife 09 today, which brings lots of geotagging support to mac users. For those unfamiliar with it, iPhoto is a very popular photo managing and editing software. The new version has a feature Apple calls „Places“, which makes use of geotags in photos. You can sort and search your images by location, either in a list of places or on a map you can zoom into.

This means that the advantages of geotagging will now become evident to many more photographers, and since most other software companies are going to follow Apples lead, watch out for a boom in geotagging support this year!

Don’t forget: iPhoto only makes use of geotagged photos, you still need to actually geotag them first, for example using foolography products.