The Game Changer For School Photography

The new Entagged NAME LIST feature completely changes the volume photography game. It embeds codes into the metadata with just a tap on the list of names in the app. No more printing or scanning QR-codes and barcodes. Import student name lists directly into the app and you’re good to go! On picture day, browse your lists grouped by grade or teacher, or quickly search to find each name. Then just tap a name, take photos, and repeat.

Barcode Tagging – now without Scanning

Barcode scanning with the Entagged has been a huge timesaver for hundreds of volume photographers. It has become a core part of their workflow automation helping them increase their volume and scale their business. Now we’re taking it up a notch and are eliminating the last remaining hassles of barcode scanning – both in preparation and on picture day.

The Entagged’s new NAME LIST feature makes your volume photography workflow as easy and efficient as can be. It’s perfect for all volume photographers who get a list of names in advance: school photography, team and individual sports photography and many more.

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  • No more printing barcodes
  • No more papers to take to picture day
  • No more scanning barcodes
  • No more tethered shooting
  • No more photographing QR codes
  • No more repositioning, refocussing, or readjusting
  • No more worrying about timestamps
  • No more writing down filenames

Just Tap a Name on the List and Shoot

Simply import the student name list right into the Entagged app. On picture day:

  1. Tap on the name of your next subject.
  2. The app sends their unique code to the Entagged on your camera.
  3. Take photos – all following photos will have this code embedded.

Import Lists Directly

Importing lists couldn’t be easier:

  • Either log into your GotPhoto account directly in the app, and download your jobs
  • Or load a CSV file, from Airdrop/iCloud/Google Drive, email or message.

Picture Day Workflow

Watch this short walkthrough to see how easy picture day could be.


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Streamline your Workflow – Get Name List for Entagged

Save valuable time before, during and after your shoot with the Entagged Name List. Automate your volume photography workflow and eliminate all its pain points. Tag your photos in the easiest and most convenient way imaginable.