Tagging photos with barcodes has been done for years in volume photography. Tethering both camera and scanner to a PC might have done its job, but does not adapt to the way professional photographers work today. Wired solutions by Fujifilm were discontinued years ago. Photographing QR codes is error-prone and requires reframing and refocussing after every shot. And yes, some even write down filenames by hand!

The ENTAGGED was developed to outperform all alternatives, in the simplest possible way. The tiny Bluetooth module, plugged into any Canon or Nikon DSLR, allows wireless barcode, QR code or RFID scanning directly in-camera, with either our scanning app on your smartphone or alternatively a wireless scanner.



The ENTAGGED works with your camera out of the box – we support 28 Canon and 35 Nikon DSLRs. No camera firmware upgrade is necessary. Just run the free app, plug in the Bluetooth module and you’re good to go. Initial pairing takes seconds and from there, reconnecting is automatic whenever turned on.


Direct embedding.

All barcode data is saved into the photo’s EXIF data the instant you press the shutter. The ENTAGGED sets the camera’s comment or copyright field and you can be 100% sure each following photo will be tagged. You can even double check on the camera.


Reliable connection.

The ENTAGGED module on the camera and the app or scanner connect via Bluetooth Low Energy. Enjoy a reliable connection without the restrictions of a tether, so you can fully concentrate on taking photos.

ENTAGGED: The Bluetooth Module.

The right choice for Canon and Nikon.

The ENTAGGED comes in four models, with the right connectors for your camera. For Nikon cameras, there’s an additional short cable, to allow setting the comment field via USB. We reverse engineered the non-standard USB protocols down to the last detail, unlocking capabilities without requiring modification of the camera’s firmware.

Characteristics of the ENTAGGED.

  1. Hot shoe stays free.
  2. Reliable Bluetooth Low Energy connection.
  3. Quick, automatic reconnection when turned on.
  4. In-camera barcode tagging: stored in comment or copyright EXIF fields.
  5. All photos barcode tagged until the next scan.
  6. No charging necessary, minimal power use from camera.


Native iOS and Android apps, camera based scan engine

The app is programmed natively for iOS and Android and uses built-in computer vision perfected by Apple and Google to scan barcodes and QR codes using the smartphone camera. It will scan from any surface, including smartphone or tablet displays.

Instant confirmation.

The app will indicate a good scan and unmistakably confirm the successful transmission of the scanned code, after writing to and reading back from the camera. So you can be 100% sure the codes will be saved in the next photos, before pressing the trigger. A warning becomes visible immediately in case of a problem, allowing you to take care of it and scan again before shooting, eliminating dreaded problems in post-production.

Easy configuration, great backup, always up to date.

If you prefer using a dedicated Bluetooth barcode scanner, you can easily pair it with the ENTAGGED using the app, and of course keep the app as a handy backup, just in case. Firmware updates are distributed through the app and installed via Bluetooth, so stay up to date for bugfixes and new features.

Barcodes. Many kinds and Many styles.

Supports numeric and alphanumeric barcodes.

The ENTAGGED works with most types of barcodes. Either you want to use a system already in place (such as barcodes on tickets or product EAN/UPC codes) or you want to roll out your own – the ENTAGGED adapts to your requirements.

Supports 1D, 2D, RFID.

The ENTAGGED app supports 1D barcodes and 2D (QR) codes, and there are compatible Bluetooth scanners for 1D, 2D codes and even for RFID tags. You choose which fits perfectly to your specific use-case.

Learn more about compatible scanners

Software independent. Compatible with many, integratable with yours.

The ENTAGGED saves barcodes into the photo’s EXIF data. That way information can’t get lost when transferring photos between hard drives, software and platforms. It uses standard fields (Nikon: comment, Canon: copyright), so it’s compatible with common third party workflow software and online services. You can also easily implement support for the ENTAGGED in your own software, we’re happy to send you developer details.

Learn more about compatible software

We Make Quality A Feature.

As a business, strategic investments are key. As a photographer, the right equipment is the bread and butter of the trade. We at foolography understand both and provide high quality products that pay off after the first shoot and last long to exceed all our customers’ expectations. All of our ENTAGGEDs are completely ‘Made in Germany’ mostly here in Berlin, where our company is based. Before leaving the headquarters, every ENTAGGED goes through several testing and quality checks. We are convinced the ENTAGGED is an investment that impresses not just with its function but also its manufacturing.


“I can say with confidence that without the Entagged, I do not know where I would be today as a business.”

Paul Darbyshire Darby Photos, Canada

“The Entagged is the single best purchase we have made.”

Sam Boarer White Rose Trading CIC, UK

“The Entagged saves 30 minutes per average shoot. For bigger events, it’s even more. And as we all know, time is money!”

Chris Wunder Portrait EFX, USA

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